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Monday 2 April 2012



Registration and coffee


Book display opens (11.00)

 Council Room


Session A



 A1: Animals in Canlit 

Will Smith, University of Nottingham

Natural Toronto: the environment of human-animal relations in Alissa York’s Fauna

Candice Allmark-Kent, University of Exeter

 ‘This is Not a Cute, Anthropomorphic Story’: Last of the Curlews as Biology and Biography


A2: Environment and Law

Thomas Cheney, York University

Delgamuukw, Ecology and Dialogical Space

Sarah Henzi, Université de Montréal

Now, How Might ‘Indian Land’ Fit Into the Canadian Project?

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BACS Council meeting


 JBB Room

The Dome


Session B



 B1: A Historical Perspective

Kevin Brushett, Royal Military College of Canada

From the Grassroots: The Company of Young Canadians, Local Activism and Sustainable Development in Canada, 1968-1975

James Kenny, Royal Military College of Canada

Engineers, Environmentalists, and the Development of Water Power in the New Brunswick-Maine Borderlands, 1945-80

B2: Encounters with Space

Janne Korkka, The Nordic Association for Canadian Studies & University of Turku

 “The full page of our knowing”: Robert Kroetsch and Canadian spaces

Lianne Moyes, Université de Montréal

Urban Environments: Montreal Parks as Sites of Local Struggle 

Britta Olinder, Gothenburg University

Environmental perspectives in Keefer’s “Waste Zone”


B3: Planners Network UK sponsored session

Rachel Danemann, South Hams District Council

Screening of Leonie Sandercock’s film, Finding Our Way

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Kaetsu Conference Room







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Session C



 C1: Sustaining Indigenous Canada

Renate Eigenbrod, University of Manitoba

 “Widening the Highway on the Rez”: the theme of ‘progress’ in Aboriginal poetry

Gundula Wilke, Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, Germany

Sustaining Indigenous Canada: Past, Present and Future Environments of Indigenous Communities

Debra Dudek, University of Wollongong

Blood Memory and Embodied Environments: Sustaining the Future in David Alexander Robertson’s 7 Generations

C2: Picturing the City 

Linda Knowles

Only Going One Way? Due South’s Role in Sustaining Canadian Television

Natalie Robinson, University of Birmingham

Picturing the City, Picturing the Self: Urban Photography as Identity-Portraiture

Agnieszka Rzepa, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland

Discomfiting environments/urban magic: Canadian magic realism and Larissa Lai’s When Fox Is a Thousand (1995)


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Kaetsu Teaching Room


Plenary I: Eccles Lecture

Professor Faye Hammill, University of Strathclyde

Wilderness / Sophistication

Long Room



Long Room



The Dome


Reading by Heather Spears

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Tuesday 3 April 2012



Registration open



Session D



 D1: Land-use and Resources

Paul Joosse, University of Alberta

Bush Bunnies, Bombs, and the Canadian Back Country: Discursive Struggles Surrounding Sour Gas Extraction in North Eastern British Columbia

Gerald Amos, Haisla First Nation 

Northern Gateway Pipeline Development and Aboriginal Rights

James Stephen Krysiek, Mount St. Mary’s University

The Beaufort Sea Boundary Dispute: Today’s ‘Wedge’ in Canadian-U.S. Relations 

Paul Bowles, University of Northern British Columbia
Three Trends and A Crisis: Conflicting Pressures on Economic Development in the Resource Dependent Region of Northern British Columbia

D2: Environmental History

Donald Wright, University of New Brunswick / Clare Hall, University of Cambridge

Donald Creighton, the Laurentian Thesis, and the Environment

Lucille H. Campey, Independent researcher

Ahead of his time: The 5th Earl of Selkirk’s efforts to save the beaver from extinction

Colin Coates, Glendon College, York University (Tuesday or Wednesday)

“Second” Nature in Canadian Environmental History


D3: PANEL: Conservation and Sustainable Development of Land and Marine Ecosystems: past and future perspectives

Ken Atkinson, University of York St John TUESDAY

Sustainability and conservation issues in the boreal forests

David Gauthier, St Mary’s University

Sustainable development in temperate grasslands – the case of the Great Sand Hills

Phil Dearden, University of Victoria

Marine Conservation and the Establishment of a Marine protected Area Network in Canada

Gregg Paget, Sustainable Procurement Ltd.

Sustaining Biodiversity in Canada through Sustainable Procurement


D4: PANEL: Canadian Literature in Digital Environment

Paul Hjartarson and Harvey Quamen, University of Alberta

Scholarly Edition as Digital Project: Editing the Wilfred Watson-Sheila Watson Letters, 1956-1961, in a Digital Environment

Anouk Lang, University of Strathclyde TUESDAY

Geographies real and imagined: Using an interactive digital mapping tool in Canadian literary studies

Hannah McGregor, University of Guelph

Authoring the Other, Authorizing the Self: Personal Websites and Representing the “Foreign” in Camilla Gibb and Karen Connelly


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Long Room





Plenary II:

Mr Doug Saunders, European Bureau Chief, Globe and Mail

More geography than demography: Canada's cultural crisis of underpopulation

Long Room


Film: Land of Oil and Water

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The Dome


Film: Forest Alert

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Session E



 E1: Reflections on Environmental Research

Alan Hallsworth, University of Portsmouth and Alfred Wong, Friends of Aboriginal Health, Vancouver, Canada

Food supply and the environment: Vancouver and Portsmouth

Wayne A. Hunt, Mount Allison University

A New Brand for Canada – Stephen Harper and the Politics of Rebranding – Or the Shift from a Don Dryden View of the World to the Don Chery Perspective


E2: Margaret Atwood

Giuseppina Botta, University of Salerno

Eco-critical perspectives in Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood

Fiona Tolan, Liverpool John Moores University

Environmental Debt in Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake

Cristina Nicolaescu, University of Bucharest, Romania

Canadian Perspectives on the Environment: Ecofeminism in the Novel “Surfacing” by Margaret Atwood

Eleonora Rao, University of Salerno

‘The oracle / trickster has come back’: Margaret Atwood, The Door


E3: Sustaining Cultures 

Margaret Bennett, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

‘Donald et Marion’: The role of a French historical novel in the revitalizing and sustaining of Gaelic culture in the Eastern Townships, Quebec

Daniel Mann, University of Manchester

Extracting a future: Duplessis and the politics of resource extraction in Northern Quebec

Ruth Kircher – University of Birmingham MONDAY or Tuesday

A Sustainable Francophone Environment? Past, Present and Future of French in Quebec

François Guindon, University of Aberdeen

Aboriginal Modernity in Quebec: The Mistissini Cree in the 20th Century


E4: ROUNDTABLE: Tracing one warm line through a land so wild and savage: The National Environment in Canadian Studies

(Moderator: Colin Coates, Glendon College, York University)

Claire Campell, Dalhousie University

Alan McEachern, University of Western Ontario

Graeme Wynn, University of British Columbia


Kaetsu Conference Room

Vivien Stewart 2

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Kaetsu Teaching Room


Plenary III:

HE Gordon Campbell, High Commissioner for Canada

Title tba

Long Room


Reception hosted by the Canadian High Commission



Conference Dinner (and award of pg prize)

The Dome



Wednesday 4 April 2012



Registration open



Session F


F1: Anti-capitalism

Catherine Bates, University of Huddersfield

The ‘tangled social and personal foliage of place’: Timothy Taylor’s sustainable Vancouver

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Simon Fraser University

“That’s the ecology of little theatres at work”: (Micro)poetic Resistance and the Intensive Accumulation of Nature in Rita Wong’s Forage and Erín Moure’s Little Theatres

Herbert R. F. Wyile, Acadia University

The Call of a ‘Nervous Organism’: Neoliberalism and the Environment in Larissa Lai and Rita Wong’s Sybil Unrest

Rachel Killick

Environmental Exposure : « Deux films de légitime défense » : Richard Desjardins and Robert Monderie : L’Erreur boréale [Forest Alert] (1999) and Trou Story [The Hole Story] (2011)

F2: Sustainable Resources?

Guy M Robinson, University of South Australia

ACAP, EFPs and Landcare: Canadian and Australian Approaches to Agri-Environment

Julia Affolderbach, University of Luxembourg

Protecting British Columbia’s Rainforest: Spatial Dimensions of the Great Bear Rainforest Campaign

Lindsay Galbraith, University of Cambridge

Challenging planning modernisation for energy development: the case of the Hecate Strait

F3: PANEL: The Environment of Canada and the Business Sector: Implications for Corporate Social Responsibility

María Teresa Gutiérrez-Haces,  National Autonomous University of Mexico

The Effects of FTAs and the Foreign Investment Protection Agreements in regards the activities of Canadian investment abroad. The case of Canadian Mining Companies in Mexico and Latino America

Gilbert Gagné, Bishop’s University and UQAM

Canada´s and United States’ Policy on Foreign Investment in the Natural Resources Sector

 Vivien Stewart 1

Kaetsu Teaching Room

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Session G

G1: Rethinking Canlit 

Gillian Roberts, University of Nottingham

Dislodging Sanctuary: Jane Urquhart’s Sanctuary Line and the Reconfigured Hemisphere

Milena Marinkova

‘[J]ust complicated ways of living together’: Sustaining Canada’s ‘new globalism’ in the Balkans in Stephen Henighan’s A Grave in the Air


G2: Pipelines and People

Tracie Lea Scott

Pipelines and Power: Is consultation enough?

George and Terry Goulet, Métis Historians

The Métis: Their Aboriginal Rights and the Northern Gateway Pipeline


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Kaetsu Teaching Room                             


Plenary IV: Québec Lecture

Professor Laurent Lepage, Université de Québec à Montréal

Adaptation to climate change in Quebec: producing a new strain of policies under uncertainty

Long Room


Lunch and reception hosted by the Québec Government Office:

Award of the Prix du Québec 2012



Session H



 H1: Land-use Strategies 

Geneviève Susemihl, University of Greifswald, Germany

Indigenous Empowerment and Environments: The Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site

Klaus Dodds, Royal Holloway, University of London

Mr Harper Goes North: Paternal Sovereign, Operation Nanook and Canadian Arctic Sovereignty


H2: Environment and Memory

Dagmara Drewniak, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland

‘Cities, like people, are born with a soul’ – the site of memory and an elegy to the lost city in the novels of two Jewish-Canadian writers

Ewa Urbaniak-Rybicka, Adam Mickiewicz University Kalisz, Poland / The State School of Higher Professional Education, Konin, Poland

The (un)bearable heaviness of being - oppressive environments in Rawi Hage’s  Cockroach

Jonathan Rollins, Ryerson University

Flooded Landscapes and the Relocation of Home: Erasure and Resettlement in Anne Michaels’ The Winter Vault and Johanna Skibsrud’s The Sentimentalists


H3: PANEL sponsored by the Aboriginal Studies Circle

Pamela D. Palmater, Ryerson University

The Myth of Post-Colonialism in Canada: How Modern Laws and Policies Impact Indigenous Peoples

Cora Voyageur and Heather Devine, University of Calgary

Reclaiming Community Well-Being: A Community-Based Research Program



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Tea and close of conference



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