Adelaide Secrets

Adelaide is truly a city of delights - the beaches that run from one end to the other, the hills, the CBD and a endless places of interest and beauty. Keep checking back here, because more will be added on a regular basis. And if you know of any special places, please let us know.
This mostly wooden walkway extends 7.2 km from Marino to Hallett Headland Reserve. It goes along rugged cliffs and the rocky coastline with fantastic views. Check out the Channel 9 Postcards episode about the trail.

South Australia was the only convict-free state, so we made our own. You can tour this historic prison and get an idea just how unpleasant life could be back in the day.
The museum holds the largest and most important collection of autos and motorbikes - over 300 in total. If you have any interest in motor vehicles, you'll be fascinated with the collection
One of Australia's few privately owned wildlife parks.
A charming chocolate and lolly factory in the middle of the pictureque hills. Most famous for its liquorice (at least in my family!), it's a tasty trip back in time that makes us all feel like kids. The make their treats the old fashioned way with lovingly restored confectionary equipment.