G6-G8 Weekly Schedule

The middle school uses a ten day cycle of classes, spread over two weeks, known as "Week A" and "Week B".  The dates for Week A and Week B can be viewed on the CA dashboard calendar on the school website.  Most courses meet three times a week, once for 75 minutes and twice for 60 minutes. Some courses, such as Music, Design, Drama and Art in grade 6 meet twice per week.  In grades 7 and 8, Design meets twice per week, and Art classes meet for one lesson per week.

Although a bell signals the beginning of each day, there are no other bells signalling the beginning or end of class. Students are expected to arrive and depart from class in a timely fashion. There are two schedules: one for Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays; and, one for Wednesdays. Wednesday is an early dismissal day to accommodate faculty professional development, collaboration and meetings.

Click on the right tab below to view HS weekly schedule.  For both MS & HS, scroll down to view week B.

MS & HS Weekly Timetable 2018-19