The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence is one of the Jean Monnet programmes that were created by the European Commission aimed at promoting the valorization of the university studies as well as high level scientific research on European integration anywhere around the world.

It is the more demanding among the Jean Monnet Programmes and therefore the one that is more difficult to be obtained. The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence is granted by public procurement to one University as a whole although the application can be presented by one or more Faculties or by one or more Jean Monnet Chair holders. From such demanding requirements results that the Centre of Excellence is granted only to Universities which merits on European integration studies is well recognized and that in its application form have managed to demonstrate the required capacity and conditions, namely concerning human resources and scientific capacity, in order to deserve such distinction. The decision to grant a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence considers the multidisciplinary character of the proposed Centre.

The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence of the University of Lisbon was granted through an application under the general theme «The European Union after Lisbon, the cultural dialogue and globalization» that was presented by its Faculty of Law for the period 2010-2013 having as Academic Coordinator Professor Dr. Fausto de Quadros, Full Professor (‘Catedrático’) of that Faculty and a Jean Monnet Chair holder in Constitutional and Administrative Law of the European Union. Although the Centre of Excellence is based on the Faculty of Law, it will approach the European integration in a multidisciplinary perspective considering its different aspects – juridical, economical, social, cultural and of political science.

Special attention will naturally be given to the new European Union resulting from the Treaty of Lisbon. Teaching and research, through lectures, courses, seminars and national and international conferences, will focus namely on the increased participation of the people and citizens of member States in the exercise of the power within the Union, the reinforcement of the protection of fundamental rights, the new institutional system of the Union, the new European social model as a social market economy, the new economical, financial and monetary policy of the Union, the new scope of the Freedom, Security and Justice area, the new competences and politics of the European Union – among which the new dimension of the external action of the Union at international level , the cultural dialogue, the humanitarian help and the protection of minorities, the employment, the emigration, the environment, the climate changes, the energy, the economical, social and territorial cohesion, the new changes on common security and defense. Special attention will be given to the way in which the European Union must face the challenges raised by globalization.

In order to achieve its purposes the Centre of Excellence will rely on a high level group of professors and researchers of the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon as well as from other Faculties of the same University and other well known national and foreign universities.

The Centre of Excellence aims therefore at responding to the increasing demand that the Faculty of Law and the University have been facing concerning the study and the research on European integration issues at various levels of studies – graduation, master degree and Phd and post-Phd – either in Portugal or in the Universities with which they have cooperation links in Europe (inside and outside the European Union), in Africa, in America, specially in Latin America (mainly Brazil), in Asia and in Oceania (East-Timor).