This page provides links to MyoSim models that have been published in the literature. Each sub-page provides MyoSim instruction files for each published figure. You can use these to reproduce the published simulations on your own computer.

General Instructions
  1. Download the MyoSim installation package

  2. Install the software

  3. Follow the Getting started guide and/or the Tutorials if you need additional help

  4. To reproduce the data in the figures:
    • download the appropriate instruction file from the links in each sub-page.
    • run the simulation in the MyoSimBrowser
    • view the data in the MyoSimBrowser's summary window or by looking at theĀ summary output file

  5. If you want to look in detail at the simulation output, you can import the summary output file into your favorite graphing package (for example, Excel, SigmaPlot, MATLAB, Origin) and draw your own plots.