These instructions assume that you are running Windows.

The MyoSim installer package (available at the download page) will add the following to your system.
  • MyoSim.exe - the 'model' that will simulate muscles for you.
  • MyoSim Browser - a windows based program (created in MATLAB) that will help you to run simulations and analyze the results.
  • A zipped version of the Visual Studio project file. This contains the source code for the MyoSim model.

  1. Find the installation program on your machine (MyoSim_setup.exe) and run it (e.g. by double-clicking).

  2. You should see a window that looks like this.

  3. Click on the "No-Questions-Asked Installation".

  4. If you are asked to allow the program to run, click "Yes".

  5. Read the license agreement (GPL) and click "Yes, I do" if you want to continue.

  6. Now it gets a little more complicated. The easiest way of using the MyoSimBrowser takes advantage of the MATLAB Compiler Runtime library.

    To install this program
    • Click on the URL (circled in red in the image below) in the middle of the installer window

  7. Clicking on the URL should have opened up a new browser window and you should now see a web-page that looks like this.

  8. Download the appropriate MATLAB Compiler Runtime file by clicking on either the 32 bit or the 64 bit link depending on your operating system. If you don't know which version of Windows you are running, you can follow these instructions to find out.

  9. Once you have downloaded the file (which will take a while because it is very large), double-click on it to open it. Follow the instructions to install the MATLAB software. Note that this step may take 10 minutes. Once MATLAB has finished installing, you can return to the MyoSim setup in step 10 below.

  10. Click on the Proceed button (circled in red below).

  11. Wait for the Installer to copy files and make some updates to your system. When it is done (<1 minute), you should see a final window.

  12. Click Thanks to finish the installation.

  13. Now that you have installed MyoSim on your own computer, you probably want to Get Started using it.