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Running a simulation

You can use the MyoSimBrowser to run simulations. Here's how.
  1. Open the browser - see Getting Started if you need help.

  2. Download this file (also available at the bottom of the page) and copy it to a folder on your machine.

  3. In MyoSimBrowser, click File->Load complete instruction file

    and select the file you just downloaded.

  4. Loading this file, told MyoSimBrowser how to run a simulation. You can see different parts of the instructions by clicking different "Pre run options" on the left hand side. For example, the MyoSim parameters tab looks like this.

    while the "Actin myosin scheme" looks like this.

    You can learn more about what these mean in Tutorials.

  5. Go to the bottom left of MyoSimBrowser and click "Run MyoSim". Wait a few seconds for the simulation to run and you should see something like this.

  6. As described for Pre run options above, you can view different aspects of the results by clicking on the Post run options. For example, the Populations tab looks like this

    and the MyoSim log file tab shows this

  7. That's all there is to it. You have successfully run a MyoSim trial.

  8. You can learn more about how to run different types of simulations and other advanced features by working your way through the Tutorials.

Ken Campbell,
Aug 19, 2013, 6:14 PM