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Checking the installation

If you are new to MyoSim, it is a good idea to check that MyoSim has been installed correctly on your system. Here's a simple way of checking the basics.

  1. By default, MyoSim installs in a new folder called c:\ProgramData\MyoSim

  2. Go to your installation folder in Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer). You should see something like this. If so, that's a good start! If not, go back and re-install the software.

  3. Copy instruction_file.txt (available at the bottom of this page)  to the MyoSim_program folder.

  4.  Open a command window (Windows button -> Accessories -> Command Prompt is one way).

  5. Switch to the MyoSim_program folder. You can do this by typing in the command window
    cd c:\ProgramData\MyoSim\MyoSim_program

  6. In the command window type
    to get a directory listing. You should see something like this.

  7. If all is well, type in the command window

    You should see some text flashing down the screen, after which the window should look like this.

  8. Congratulations. All looks in order.
Ken Campbell,
Apr 25, 2017, 1:47 PM