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Week of December 11

Monday, 12/11
Reasons the United States entered WWI

Tuesday, 12/12
Theaters of War in WWI
Trench Warfare

Wednesday 12/13
Ending of WWI - Treaty of Versailles
League of Nations

Thursday 12/14
Review for test on WWI

Friday 12/15
Test on the Spanish American War and WWI
Week of December 4

Monday, 12/4
Continue and finish the project on the Spanish American War

Tuesday, 12/5
Learn about Teddy Roosevelt
"Speak softly and carry a big stick" - What does this mean and how did it relate to Roosevelt's foreign policy
Notes on Teddy Roosevelt - 5b
Drawing assignment on Teddy Roosevelt

Wednesday, 12/6
Video on Teddy Roosevelt
The Roosevelt Corollary

Thursday, 12,7
Setting the stage for WWI
What led to the beginning of WWI
What was the "spark" that started WWI

Friday, 12/8
5c notes - WWI
Mapwork on the Allied and Central Powers

Week of November 27

Monday, 11/27
Quiz on New Inventions
Review for Local Alternative Assessment

Tuesday, 11/28
Students will take the Local Alternative Assessment for this nine-week marking period
HW - Notes on SOL 5a - Reasons and results of the Spanish American War

Wednesday, 11/29
Discuss the reasons for the Spanish American War
Go over hw
Map of Spanish American War

Thursday, 11/30
Continue with the Spanish American War
Begin Webquest

Friday, 12/1
Continue and finish the Webquest on the Spanish American War

Week of November 13

Monday, 11/13
Continue discussion of the Captains of Industry and the Rise of Industry.

Hw - notes on the Progressive Movement

Tuesday, 11/14
Discuss the Progressive Movement and the rise of labor unions.

Wednesday, 11/15
Instagram activity due
Discuss child labor and the Temperance Movement.

Thursday, 11/16
Test review with study guide and review games

Friday, 11/17
Unit test - The Rise of Industrialization.
Week of October 23

Monday, 10/23
Discuss tenement housing
Read a story on Jane Addams and the Hull House
Video on Hull House
Hw - reading on discrimination against immigrants

Tuesday, 10/24
Go over hw
Watch a video, "Journey to Freedom:  The Immigrant Experience"
Discuss the Chinese Exclusion Act
Role of political machines and its impact on life in the cities

Wednesday, 10/25
Continue with the concepts of discrimination against immigrants and the impact of political machines.

Thursday, 10/26
Review for test on Friday

Friday,  10/27
Test on Immigration

Week of October 2

Monday, 10/2
The story of the settlers of Nicodemus, Kansas
Video - Nicodemus, Kansas - The Black Experience Moving West
Notes - Reasons for Westward Expansion

Tuesday, October 3
Video - The Story of Us - Story of Westward Expansion

Wednesday, October 4
Discuss the Homestead Act and Daniel Freeman - First Homesteader in America
Discuss the Gold Rush - a reason for expansion

Thursday, October 4
Impact of expansion on the Native Americans
Friday, October 5
Continue with the impact of expansion on Native Americans

Week of September 25

Monday, 9/25
Students will begin working on the US History II Local Alternative Assessment
Students will be issued a reading to introduce our new unit - this will be due on Wednesday

Tuesday, 9/26
Students will continue and finish working on the Local Alternative Assessment

Wednesday, 9/27
We will begin the new unit on Westward Expansion
Mapwork on Great Plains
Students will create a collage of pictures from the Great Plains so they know what this area looks like from a geographic perspective

Thursday, 9/28
Students will learn the difference between an invention and an adaptation.  These two concepts are important in understanding how people survived in the Great Plains

Friday, 9/29
Students will learn about sod homes and how this is an adaptation.

Week of September 18

There will two very important assignments this week.  The first is a writing assignment which is explained below and then a test on our current unit, Reconstruction, this Friday.  Students should be preparing for these assignments all week.

Monday, 9/18
Students will begin a collaborative writing assignment between their English and History class.  They will complete an Expository writing assignment on the Reconstruction Amendments.  This assignment will be due Friday.

Tuesday, 9/19
Continue working on Expository writing assignment.

Wednesday, 9/20
Students will review for Friday's test on Reconstruction.

Thursday, 9/21
Guidance Counselors will be in today completing a classroom guidance lesson.

Friday, 9/22
Reconstruction unit test.
Expository writing assignment due.
Week of September 11

Monday 9/11
Students will be given time to work on their "Stick Figure" project on Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee or Frederick Douglass.  This project is due Friday.
Watch video on Reconstruction.

Tuesday 9/12
Begin creating a timeline of Reconstruction events
Task card activity - students will group Reconstruction events with the groups these events are associated with.

Wednesday 9/13
Continue adding events to the timeline
Reading on the Freedman's Bureau with questions to answer

Thursday 9/14
Forty Acres and a Mule activity

Friday 9/15
Stick Figure projects due.
Suffolk notes and political cartoons

Week of September 5

Monday 9/4 - Labor Day

Tuesday 9/5 - Finish unit 1 and preview Reconstruction
Students will be given time to finish assignments from last week and begin looking at the new unit on the period following the Civil War known as Reconstruction.

Wednesday 9/6
Timeline on events after the Civil War
Compare how different groups of people felt about life after the Civil War
Discuss the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution

Thursday 9/7
Compare important people of the Civil War era
Interactive notes on Reconstruction

Friday 9/8
Stick figure activity - choose one important Civil War Era figure and answer questions pertaining to this person.

Week of August 28

Friday, September 1st is an important date to remember for all students.  There is an assignment due (see Monday) and there will be a test on the 50 states and 7 regions of the United States.  Students should be preparing for this day on their own time in addition to what we do in class.

Monday - 8/28
Southwest region of the United States
create a postcard from a selected SW state

Tuesday - 8/29
Rocky Mountain region of the United States
Create a license plate from one of the Rocky Mountain states

Wednesday - 8/30
Pacific and Noncontiguous states
Choose one state from these regions and answer specific questions about that state

Thursday - 8/31
Assessment review
Prepare for tomorrow's test on the 50 states and important cities
Time to finish work from the week

Friday - 9/1
50 states and important cities test
US analytic chart due today
Time to finish work from the week

This week in class

  • Please check this page daily for upcoming assignments, assessment dates and an outline of the week ahead.
  • Week of August 21

    Friday, September 1st is an important date to remember for all students.  There is an assignment due (see Monday) and there will be a test on the 50 states and 7 regions of the United States.  Students should be preparing for this day on their own time in addition to what we do in class.

    Monday - 8/21
    Continue with regions of the United States - Southeast region
    Assign the US states analytic chart - Due Friday, September 1

    Tuesday - 8/22
    2nd and 3rd periods - Videos on states in NE and SE regions with questions.
    5th period - MAP testing
    no 6th and 7th period classes

    Wednesday - 8/23
    Same as Tuesday

    Thursday - 8/24
    Same as Tuesday

    Friday - 8/25
    Continue with regions of the United States - Midwest region
    Read and report on a famous resident from the history of Chicago.
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  • Week of August 14
    Monday  - 8/14
    No school

    Tuesday - 8/15
    Welcome to school
    Classroom procedures
    Student Survey

    Wednesday - 8/16
    Begin unit on regions of the United States
    Pre-test on 50 states
    Review 50 states

    Thursday - 8/17
    Why are regions grouped as they are
    Discuss and practice latitude and longitude

    Friday - 8/18
    Continue latitude and longitude practice
    Begin regions of the United States - Northeast
    Posted Aug 11, 2017, 8:14 AM by Andy McCracken
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