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The study guides, games and links on this web page are designed to enhance the learning provided by our sixth grade history teachers. These resources reflect the Standards of Learning for the state of Virginia. Rustburg Middle School provides these learning resources as a tool for remediation and enhancement. Please contact our teachers via e-mail if you are interested in other avenues to pursue your interests in history.

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Fling the Teacher--
Play before each quiz and test to help you study. The Fling the teacher game should never be the only study option. Use your notes, textbook, vocabulary words and SOL Pass website. You may need to install the free Adobe Flash player for these games. 

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Multiple choice game unit 2

Multiple choice game unit 3

Multiple choice game unit 4

Multiple choice game unit 5

Multiple choice game unit 6

Multiple choice game unit 7

Multiple choice game unit 8

Multiple choice game unit 9


Watch these videos for even more learning!


Unit 2 Geography 
 Unit 3 Indians  Unit 4 Exploration 
Rocky Mountains

Latitude and Longitude

Buttes Canyons and the Great Basin

Coastal Mountain Ranges and logging

Major Lakes and Rivers of the Mid-west

Physical features of the region

Rivers flowing west from the continental divide

The Atlantic Coastal Plain

The  Canadian shield


Introduction to American Indians


Eastern woodlands people

Capital Resources


Hunting and Gathering

Kinds of resources

More information about archaeologist


Native peoples of the regions

Pueblo Indians
Intro into exploration

Early Exploration

New world
European views on American Indians

Results of Spanish exploration

Effects of European exploration

Early explorers and fur trade

John Cabot

New Lands for France

Portuguese explorers

Relations with native  Americans

Spanish Conquistadors
Geography ppt
Landforms PPT
Land/water assessments PPT
Water features PPT
US1.2 Jeopardy PPT
 American Indian PPt preview
American Indian Jeopardy PPT

 Explorers preview PPt
Explorers Jeopardy review game PPT
Explorer quiz ppt
 Explorer PPT

 Unit 5 Colonial America   Unit 6 American Revolution  Unit 7 American Constitution 
Begin of colonial america
Southern Colonies
Early Colonial America
Economy of new england
English colonies
Indentured servants
Roanoke Island
Life in colonies
Middle colonies
New England colonies
New World
Plymouth colony
Religious persecution

Introduction to revolutionary war figures
Review causes of the revolution
British rule
Patrick henry
Events that led to revolution
Proclamation of 1763
From Jamestown to the American revolution
English influence
Six revolutionary figures
Ben Franklin
Ben franklin 2
Common sense
Tax without representation
Trouble in the colonies
Boston tea party
Thomas paine
Under British rule
George Washington Delaware
English control on trade
French and Indian war
Thomas Jefferson declaration of independence
George Washington
Boston massacre
Lexington on concord
Paul Revere
Paul Revere 2
Declaration of Independence
American before the declaration of Independence
First continental Congress
Treaty of paris

the articles of confederation

 Judicial Branch
3 branches of government
 Executive branch
 Legislative branch
 Constitutional government

Checks and balances

Preamble to the constitution

Bill of rights

Bill of rights 2

Political parties

Hamilton and Jefferson

Colonial America preview PPT
US1.5 jeopardy PPT
Colonial America PPT
 American revolution preview ppt
Events of revolutionary war ppt
Causes the revolutionary war ppt
 Unit seven PPT
Government preview PPt
New nation PPT

Unit 8 Westward Expansion  Unit 9 Civil War begins
 Unit 9 The Civil War
Westward Movement begins

California gold rush

California gold rush 2

Climate and geography

Cotton gin


Industrial revolution

Lewis and Clark

Louisiana Purchase

Manifest destiny

Oregon territory

Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail 2

Oregon territory 2


Santa fe  trail

Scarcity and Choice

Steam Power



Trails 2

US Expansion


Westward Expansion

 Underground Railroad


Abolitionist 2


Compromise of 1850

Introduction to causes of war

Kansas Nebraska Act

Lincoln elected

Douglas and Garrison

Economic issues

Fort Sumter

Fort Sumter 2

Harriet Tubman

Missouri compromise

Northern Culture

North and south compared


Political shifts


Slavery economy

Slavery economic issues

Southern culture

 Civil War Starts

Abraham Lincoln

Bull Run

Capture of Richmond

Civil war ends

Emancipation proclamation

Gettysburg Address

Northern Women


Soldier’s life

Southern Women


War Strategy north

War Strategy South

 Westward expansion PPT

Westward expansion preview PPT

Unit 8 jeopardy game PPT

 Causes of civil war PPT

Jeopardy game causes PPT

Major effects of civil war PPt

 Preview events and people PPT

Unit 9 Jeopardy game #1 PPT

Unit 9 jeopardy game #2 PPT

Parents and students: The review and vocabulary links below are a great resource to stretch your learning, prepare for test & quizzes, help with homework or just do some serious learning.

US History to 1865 Refrigerator Cards

Question Packet

US History Review

Sol Pass-- password: bes

Flash Cards for US History  to 1865 use these flash cards and really boost your grades in History class!:>

Slave letter to his former master

Library of Congress

teachinghistory.org a great site for parents, teachers or students to enhance their history experience 

You have to be able to read charts and graphs click here for real data, charts and graphs from the U.S. Government

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U. S. Map Puzzle

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