Welcome to the library!

Congratulations to the following students for having the most check-outs this school year: 

1. Chris Bingham
2. Carter Phillips
3. Shymel Crews
4. Grace Bigham
5. Kory Laury
6. Chaz James
7. Chase Penwell
8. Joshua Daniel
9. Dillan Tomlin 
10. Heather Williams  

Contact Mrs. Eccles at ceccles@campbell.k12.va.us

The End of the 
School Year is Here

Please Return Your Books 
As Soon As Possible 
to Avoid Being 
on the Fees Owed List. 

        Don't Stop Reading Over the Summer!

Visit your public Library! 

Thank you to all RHS Students and Faculty for a great year in the library! 
Stay tuned for new adventures next year. 

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