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  • May Updates
    Hello! I apologize for my delay in updating! Things have seemed to have gotten even busier since the Reading SOL! I just want to use this post to update you all on a few things happening over the next few weeks. 

    First, the re-take for the Reading SOL is May 21st (yes, another Monday). I have already spoken with students that are eligible for retakes, and I will be working with them during I/E whenever possible as well as in class. Please make sure you sent back the signed permission form allowing these students to complete retakes. I made personalized packets for these students based on the questions they missed, and those packets are mostly staying in the room (I want to make sure they don't get lost), but students will take them home at some point over the next week to finish/review. 

    Other student will be working on an Independent Reading project. For this project, they will choose a book to read (or finish reading) and complete one of the project options on that novel (see attachment). This project is due May 18th, and students will have time to work on it in class this week as well as next. They are also welcome to work on it at home. 

    I know students are working hard on these SOL tests and finishing out the year, but there is light at the end of the tunnel! They are definitely worn down, but please encourage them to keep working hard--we have a few more important things to do before we finish out the year!!
    Posted May 9, 2018, 7:24 AM by kberry@campbell.k12.va.us
  • Week of 4/23
    We are less than a week away from the Reading SOL! I know students are feeling tired from all this test review--I appreciate their hard work and look forward to seeing them do well on their upcoming test. We will continue doing a few review assignments this week along with some interactive group activities at the end of the week.


    English 8
    Monday: Read! AR points are due May 18th.
    Tuesday: Finish the Poem Packet we started in class.
    Wednesday-Thursday: Read! Think about any last minute questions you may want to ask in class on Friday.

    Advanced English 8
    Monday: Read! AR points are due May 18th.
    Tuesday: Finish the Miss Theatre sheet if you did not finish in class. The Extra SOL Practice packets are due Thursday! Some students were exempt from these if they got a high score on their Test Nav Multiple Choice Assignment.
    Wednesday: Extra practice SOL packets are due tomorrow!
    Thursday: Read! Think about any last minute questions you may want to ask in class on Friday.

    Posted Apr 24, 2018, 10:13 AM by kberry@campbell.k12.va.us
  • Week of 4/16
    Hello! I apologize for failing to update last week--helping everyone adjust to being back in school after break was a bit of a challenge! We spent last week working through practice assignments to review important concepts for the Reading SOL. We will continue that throughout this week, though most assignments this week will be graded since they are based on concepts we have reviewed. Remember, the Reading SOL is April 30th--yes, that is a Monday, so students will have to ensure they come ready to focus and do their best that day!

    I hope everyone is doing okay after the events of the past few days. I am sure many of you were affected by the storms, and we are sending our best wishes that things can get back to normal (or as normal as possible) for you as soon as possible. Please let me or anyone at school know if there is anything we can do to help make things easier for you and your families! 

    Homework This Week
    Please make sure you check back for updates as things may change based on the pace of the class.

    Regular English
    Tuesday: Finish paired passage assignment from class.*
    Wednesday: Read
    Thursday: Read

    Advanced English
    Tuesday: Finish Google Classroom assignment from class.*
    Wednesday: Read
    Thursday: Finish reading comprehension questions from class. 

    *Graded assignments

    Library Day is Wednesday! Please remind students to bring their books since we will have independent reading time in the library for half of the class period. AR Points are due May 18th!
    Posted Apr 17, 2018, 7:37 AM by kberry@campbell.k12.va.us
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