Knowledge is Our Super Power!

Please see the attached Family Guides from the book Every Child a Super Reader.  I hope that you enjoy participating in some of the activities!
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"Asking me if I like reading is like asking me if I like breathing." #Books #Reading #Quote

Reading Tips:
I LOVE to read; I always have!  Here are a few tips of my own and from a principal's blog I recently read to encourage your child(ren) to read:
  • Instead of having required amounts of time to read, have your students learn and find times to “steal reading” minutes like most adults do, by always having a book with them.  They can read in the car, waiting at the dentist, etc.
  • Visit the public library.  More choices of books=more reading!  They also have e-books you can download on electronic devices.
  • Your child is never too old to be read to or to read to you.  Enjoy a book together!
  • Encourage book series.  Oftentimes, children enjoy reading more than one book based on the same premise with the same characters.  
  • Let them see you read!  Have a family "IDR" or "Read to Self" time...ask your children, they know what these are!

Things I am proud to have passed on to my children; an appreciation for reading, art, nature, travel and culture, and originality.