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Sixth Grade U.S. History

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6th grade U.S. History

United States History To 1865

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The study guides, games and links on this web page are designed to enhance the learning provided by our sixth grade history teachers. These resources reflect the Standards of Learning for the state of Virginia. Brookville Middle School provides these learning resources as a tool for remediation and enhancement. Please contact our teachers via e-mail if you are interested in other avenues to pursue your interests in history.

Yearly Study Guide for USI

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Play the Fling the Teacher games before each quiz and test to help you study. The Fling the teacher game should never be the only study option. Use your notes, textbook, vocabulary words and SOL Pass website. You may need to install the free Adobe Flash player for these games. The ga.mes usually only work using Mozilla Fire Fox browser or the Puffin browser

Fling the Teacher 2a

Fling the Teacher 2b

Fling the teacher 2c

Fling the teacher 2d

Fling the Teacher 3a

Fling the Teacher 3a,b,c

Fling the teacher 4a

Fling the teacher 4b&C

FLing the Teacher 5a

Fling the teacher 5B

Fling the teacher 5c

Fling the teacher 5d

Fling the teacher 6a

Fling the teacher 6b

Fling the teacher 6c

Fling the teacher 6d

Fling the teacher 7a

Fling the teacher 7b

fling the teacher 7c

Fling The Teacher 8a

Fling the teacher 8b

Fling the Teacher 8c

Fling the teacher 8d

Fling the Teacher 9a

Fling the teacher 9a&b

Fling the Teacher 9c

Fling the teacher 9c&d

fling the teacher 9e

fling the teacher 9e&f

Multiple choice game unit 2

Multiple choice game unit 3

Multiple choice game unit 4

Multiple choice game unit 5

Multiple choice game unit 6

Multiple choice game unit 7

Multiple choice game unit 8

Multiple choice game unit 9

Unit Two Multiple Choice review game no time limit

Unit Three Multiple Choice review game no time limit

Unit Four Multiple Choice review game no time limit

Unit Five Multiple Choice review game no time limit

Unit Six Multiple Choice review game no time limit

Unit Seven Multiple Choice review game no time limit

Unit Eight Multiple Choice review game no time limit

Unit Nine Multiple Choice review game no time limit

If you want to bee an advanced Sol taker watch these videos for enhancement

Liberty`s Kids: #01"The Boston Tea Party" (1/2)

Liberty`s Kids: #01"The Boston Tea Party" (2/2)

Liberty`s Kids: #02"The Intolerable Acts" (1/2)

Liberty`s Kids: #02"The Intolerable Acts" (2/2)

Liberty`s Kids: #03"United We Stand"

Liberty`s Kids #04 Libertyor Death

Liberty`s Kids #05 MidnightRide

Liberty`s Kids #06 The ShotHeard Round the World

Liberty`s Kids: #07 GreenMountain Boys

Liberty`s Kids: #08 TheSecond Continental Congress

Liberty`s Kids #09 BunkerHill

Liberty`s Kids #10Postmaster General Franklin

Liberty`s Kids #11 Washington Takes Command

Liberty's Kids #12 Common Sense

Liberty's Kids #13 The First Fourth of July

Liberty's Kids #14 New York, New York

Liberty's Kids #15 The Turtle

Liberty's Kids #16 One Life to Lose

Liberty's Kids #17 Captain Molly

Liberty's Kids #18 American Crisis

Liberty's Kids #19 Across the Delaware

Liberty's Kids #20 An American in Paris

Liberty's Kids #21 Sybil Ludington

Liberty's Kids #22 Lafayette Arrives

Liberty's Kids #23 The Hessians Are Coming

Liberty's Kids #24 Valley Forge

Liberty's Kids #25 Allies at Last

Liberty's Kids #26 Honor and Compromise

Liberty's Kids #27 The New Frontier

Liberty's Kids #28 Not Yet Begun to Fight

Liberty's Kids #29 The Great Galvez

Liberty's Kids #30 In Praise of Ben

Liberty`s Kids #31 Bostonians

Liberty`s Kids #32 Benedict Arnold

Liberty`s Kids #33 Conflict in the South

Liberty`s Kids #34 Deborah Samson Soldier of the Revolution

Liberty`s Kids #35 James Armistead

Liberty`s Kids #36 Yorktown

Liberty`s Kids #37 Born Free and Equal

Liberty`s Kids #38 The Man Who Wouldn`t Be King

Liberty`s Kids #39 Going Home

Liberty’s Kids The Constitution #40

Power Point Slide Shows

Parents and students: The review and vocabulary links below are a great resource to stretch your learning, prepare for the SOL's, help with homework or just do some serious learning.

US History to 1865 Refrigerator Cards

Question Packet

US History Review

Flash Cards for US History to 1865 use these flash cards and really boost your grades in History class!:>