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Mrs. Dawna Johnson

     I was raised in "Steeler Country," western PA - Arona, PA (near Pittsburgh, PA).  I love my Steelers!  I played high school and college sports.  I am a 1982 graduate of Liberty University.  I have been married to Larry Johnson since 1991.  We have two special fur babies, named Bella & Charlie. This is my 35th year teaching.

Coached for 22 years:
-Girls basketball, softball, tennis and volleyball

Teaching 35 Years:
Lynchburg Christian Academy: 1982 - 1992
Altavista Elementary: 1992- Present

Mr. David Mabry

Graduate of Radford University

Teaching 32 Years:
1.  Southhampton Junior High School, Franklin, VA 1983-1985
2.  Narrows Elementary School, Narrows, VA 1985-1999
3.  Altavista Elementary, Altavista, VA 1999-Present

Coaching Varsity Football 32 Years:
Southhampton High School
Narrows High School
Rustburg High School
Altavista High School

Coaching Track 8 Years:
Narrows High School

Father of 3 Children:
Allison, Erika & Charlotte

"We need to get the message out, loud and clear, that quality physical education for every child is a necessity - not a luxury." Tom McMillen

"We want to prevent couch potatoes...while they are still small fries!!"  Bud Turner

"Nothing beats success...students are our customers not our employees.  The experiences we offer shape their destiny."        Bud Turner

Physical Education Proclamation
"We the P.E. Specialists of this school commit to the appropriate standards of action endorsed by our state and national professional organizations with regard to establishing quality, planned, purposeful, SUCCESS-ORIENTED physical education for ALL students regardless of their age, gender, ability, or current level of interest.

This pledge will assist in achieving the ultimate goal of physical education - to improve students' motor, cognitive (academic learning), and affective development leading to a lifetime of healthy movement experiences."  Bud Turner