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Supply List 2020 - 2021
[updated 7/15/2020]

2 packs of loose leaf paper

Pencils and erasers

1 box 24 count crayons

3 marbled composition notebooks

Pencil pouch/box

1 pack of highlighters (at least 2 in a pack)

1 one inch three ring binder (none that zip, please)

SOL Prep Resources
Jefferson Lab math practice This site allows you to take online math quizzes. You can choose between 5,10,20,or 40 questions.
SOL teacher Math SOLs are listed by standard with activities for each standard.
Reading, Math, and VA Studies practice Scroll down to fourth grade to discover multiple practice opportunities.
Guest Portaportal Wonderful site! Math tool practice, practice tests for math, reading, and VA Studies, and Technology Enhanced item practice.
VA Studies This link will take you to our VA Studies Resources page.