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Tess Hoover, Librarian
Leslie Hoover, Library Secretary

Kindle Now Available
for High School Readers
We are pleased to announce that the library has one Kindle available for high school checkout.  Plenty of great books are already loaded on it, but we also have some funds to purchase additional titles if a student wants something in particular, as long as it meets our selection criteria. Checkout for the Kindle is one week at a time, maybe longer depending on demand.  Ask about it today!

Student Reading a Kindle

Do you remember reading comic books as a kid?
We do! However, back in the day comic books were considered inferior to "regular" books.  Sometimes we felt we were sneaking them in as a guilty pleasure when we should have been doing "real" reading.

Fortunately, reading research has come a long way since then.  It has been shown that reading comic books does indeed help promote thinking skills, increase one's ability to use visual cues to supplement written information, and enable readers to interact with text features that correspond to SOL literary characteristics such as plot, theme, foreshadowing, character development, and mood/tone. Additionally, comic books (now called "graphic novels" ) play a powerful role in motivating reluctant readers.  Often comics are the gateway for these readers into the world of so-called "regular" novels. To support this reality, ACS has obtained age-appropriate comic book subscriptions.  We hope your children will enjoy and benefit from them!

This year is going great in the ACS Library! 

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Middle School Students Using Chromebooks in the Library