Campbell Drivers Ed

Mr. Delos Reyes just started a new Driver's ed class on December 2, 2016. We will contact you when the next class starts via EMAIL. If you do not respond to the email within 48 hours, we will assume you are no longer interested, and move on to another student. Please do NOT contact the school asking when you will be notified; We have over 150 people on the list right now, and the instructors are working hard to bring the numbers down. Remember, JCHS is the most populated school in Hawaii, and we only have three Driver's ed instructors. 

There will be another class with Mr. Calica Starting December 19, 2016.

Mr. Delos Reyes' Driver Education class is every weekday from 3pm-5p in N103.

Mr Calica's Drivers Education class is on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 to 5:30, and Saturday from 9am-11am in R102 (the automotive shop, near the ROTC building and Cafe). 

Mr. Calica's upcoming parent night will be Monday December 19, 2016. Parent night is mandatory.

Once you sign up, Students will be emailed when the mandatory parent meeting will be and when the classes will start.
Please sign up on this website; link is located on the left side-bar under "sign up".
The entire Driver's Ed program takes about a semester to complete, so please be patient. Students must complete 37 hours of Classroom and six hours of behind the wheel instruction: if we have a class of 30 students, that means we need to do 180 hours of behind the wheel instruction, total, along with 60 hours of driving with parent/guardian. 

Mahalo for all your patience.
The Campbell High School Driver's Education Program Staff