Hello, Welcome to Cammeray Touch Football Inc

Dates: 4th May - 31st July 
Nights:  TUE THURS
Times: 6pm, 6.40pm, 7.20pm, 8pm 
Location:  Forsyth Park, Montpellier St Neutral Bay

 TUE  Mens Supertouch Opens
 Mens Supertouch Over 30s/40s 
 THURS Mixed Beginner 7 a side
 Mixed Intermediate  7 a side
 Mixed High 6 a side 

1. REGISTRATION FORM Will go live in October Nov 
2. Type in Cammeray 
3. Select the Competition you want to play in 

How do I register or tell the players in my team? 
You will receive an email. Click on the link in your email after you register your team and type in the email addresses of your players. They will be sent a player registration form to fill out. This process can be done multiple times as new members commit to the team or as their email addresses are received.

COVID Safe at Cammeray
  • We have appointed a COVIDSafety Officer - Cam Munro 
  • We will be providing sanitizer, disinfectant on each field for participant use and equipment. 
  • Please ensure you only arrive for when your game is due to start as you won't be allowed to congregate around the field and leave immediately afterwards.
  • Teams will sub on opposite sides of the field and can sub all the way along the sideline to prevent congregation and ensure safe distancing. 

COVID safe Protocols for Touch Football 
1. If you are in the high risk category don't turn up - temperature, cough, shortness of breath
2. Download the COVIDsafe app
3. Reduce time at the field - GET IN PLAY GET OUT
4. Thoroughly wash your hands
5. Sanitise equipment and balls 
6. Don't share items like drink bottles and bibs. Bring your own drink bottle. 
7. Practice social distancing - no high fives or hugs. Just air hugs please. 
8. Don't congregate. No Sub box. 
9. No Spectators. 


Everyone will be required to fill out an attendance register at each game. 

Arrival time

Departure time

Full name


Email address



In the previous 14 days, have you:

·   Had any COVID-19 symptoms?

·   Been in contact with any confirmed/suspected COVID-19 case?

·   Travelled internationally?

Downloaded and using COVIDSafe app?



















Cammeray Touch Football is one of the best "park touch" football clubs in Sydney with it's social competitive nature. Touch Football for us is about hanging out with your mates, smashing yourself and calving up the field with a few moments of brilliance. 
  • We're only 10mins from the city 
  • We play at beautiful Tunks Park in Summer and Forsyth Park in Winter just up the road from North Sydney, on the lower North Shore. 
  • It's a great place to kick back and have a few beers after the game and debrief how you calved up ;)

Our Values:

Good Blokes: The people that play at Cammeray Touch Football are genuinely good blokes (and chicks).  

Good Banter: We love a bit of cheeky banter between teams, players and the referees. It's all in the spirit of the game! 

Healthy Competition: Without doubt teams are there to win but it doesn't come at the cost of every other team hating your guts. We encourage the honesty policy if the ref has missed a call and most players are pretty good about it.  

No Pork-chop Policy: If you want to be a *&^%head, go play somewhere else. The same goes for our referees, we recruit good refs, with a great attitude that can leave their ego in the car.

Looking forward to seeing you down there 


Supertouch touch has been going nuts down at Cammeray. It's really opened up the game and it's great for people who have been desperate to let a kick loose now and again. 

Supertouch means you can kick and chase on the 4th or 5th touch. It's just like Touch Football in every other aspect.  You can mully grubber, drop kick, chip kick, chase, retrieve and boot it the entire length of the field. It really opens up the game. Available to Mens Opens, Mens Over 30s (40s) and Mixed. 

To register for the next Supertouch season fill in the registration form to secure your spot!

LOOKING FOR REFEREES - If you're keen to GET PAID to GET FIT come down and referee. You don't need experience, we'll show you the ropes. We'll train you up and pay for your Level 1 Referee Course. Email touch@cammeraytouch.com or phone BJ 0411170117 if you're keen.