SUMMER TOUCH FOOTBALL is planning to start on Nov 1 - end Feb subject to the State of NSW being 80% double vaccinated and only people who are vaccinated will allowed to play initially until Dec 1 when all can return.

DATES & TIMES - TBC on council fileds

REGO will go live once there is a check box for vaccination on the TFA website.

Timeslots 6pm, 6.45pm then 6.15pm 7pm once we get more natural light.

Hello, Welcome to Cammeray Touch Football Inc

Cammeray Touch Football is the ultimate SOCIAL TOUCH FOOTBALL CLUB in Sydney. Close to the city means you can hang out after work or school with your mates, get fit and play footy!


  • Only 10mins from the city

  • Not for sheep stations, we're for mates

  • Hang out, stay fit & carve up

  • Good people, good vibe, good footy


  • Tunks Park in Summer

  • Forsyth Park in Winter

  • Just up the road from North Sydney, on the lower North Shore.

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Good People, Good Banter

The people at Cammeray Touch are genuinely good blokes and chicks. We love a bit of banter, It's all in the spirit of the game!


Healthy Competition

Teams are there to win, but not for sheep stations. We encourage the honesty policy and be a good winner and loser.

Value #3

No Pork-Chop Policy

If you want to be a *&^%head, go play somewhere else. The same goes for our referees, we recruit good refs, with a great attitude. Leave your ego in the car.

Keen to be a ref !

If you're keen to GET PAID to GET FIT come down and referee. You don't need previous ref experience, we'll show you the ropes. We'll train you up and pay for your Level 1 Referee Course. Email or phone BJ 0411170117 if you're keen.