I was born in Salt Lake City. Art and mermaids have been a lifetime love of mine.  I started drawing when I was very young and it came very easily to me.  Through junior high and high school I kept drawing, but never took it too seriously I ended up graduating from Westminster College (www.westminstercollege.edu) in 2003 with a B.A. in Art and Education with a minor in Special Education. A year later I returned and received my M.Ed. in December of 2005.

When I decided to return to school for my masters degree I began selling my art to help pay for my tuition. I wanted to paint something that was fun and relieved stress, so the mermaids came and have not stopped.  I have just been so overwhelmed with the response to my artwork.  My art has been spread throughout the world.  I enjoy hearing the many stories of what adventures my artistic creations have had.  I have my art hanging everywhere from baby nurseries to a bomb shelter in Israel. I love to work in many mediums such as clay, graphite, oil pastels, pastels, glass, and various paints, but I still find watercolor to be my favorite.

After teaching middle school for five years I opted to stay home with my daughter and my artwork.  I occasionally will teach classes and love participating in local chalk art festivals.

If I could live anywhere in the world I would have to go for Newport or Gleneden Beach, Oregon.  Anyone who has been there will know why.

 I hope to keep creating forever.  I currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah with my husband Bryan, our four children, two cats, a Yorkie named Spike, his Yorkie-poo son Blue, and lots saltwater fish.

 Thank you all for helping me fulfill my dreams of being an artist!

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-Camille Grimshaw