I Paint Mermaids for a Living..it is AWESOME!

While in college getting my art degree I was disheartened when I never found my niche in the world of art and just assumed that I would mostly teach and not really produce.

Around the time I was ready to go for my Masters Degree I decided I also wanted to learn to watercolor. I didn't want to watercolor anything too serious so sketched a couple mermaids, read a lot of watercolor books and started to play. Pretty soon I had a stack of paintings. My husband suggested trying to sell them on eBay. I sold my first painting for $.99 and was so excited that someone wanted it. Thousands of mermaids later I am still painting, having a great time, and meeting some awesome people willing to give my little mermaids some good homes.

Photo Credit  Opie


I was born and raised in Utah. I have always loved to draw & I have always loved mermaids. I received my degree in Art & Education. I started painting mermaids as a way to explore watercolors and fell in love. 

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