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This page provides the necessary resources needed to successfully complete the required graduation project.  

Project at a Glance:

All students are required to pass the Graduation Project to graduate. The Graduation Project reflects in-depth learning on a self-selected topic. Projects weave together a deep exploration of an area of student interest with the research and technological skills that they have developed during their high school

years. Students will have the opportunity to select which graduation project pathway to follow. Selections include the following options: 1. Blended Pathway 2. JLP IV 3. CTE Advanced Studies 4. AP Courses 5. Art/Music IV

Project Objectives and Responsibilities

• a project contract

• a visual aide

• a written component

• an oral component

• an evaluation

Those students choosing from options 2-5 will be provided with guidelines to complete their graduation project instructed specifically through the course. Students choosing option 1, the Blended Pathway, may use this site as the primary guide. ALL STUDENTS must select pathways within the first four weeks of the semester.  Once selected, you must complete the necessary responsibilities by progress report distribution of the first nine weeks of the semester.  Failure to do so will result in a mandatory conference.  

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