Bienvenidos / Welcome!!

  Mrs. Jennifer Fleener 
  CHS Spanish Instructor 
  Phone: 608-423-3261 Ext 3115

Mrs. Fleener teaches Spanish II-AP at Cambridge High School. She is on her 12th year here at CHS and working on her fifteenth year teaching Spanish overall. She hopes you find this website very useful. Her goal is to maintain the website in terms of assignments and what is going on in class on a daily to weekly basis. Within time you will be able to see course descriptions and a synopsis of the different units covered in her classes. Foreign language classes are very unique as we are teaching students a skill and therefore our assessments will reflection where students at in the areas of speaking, reading, writing and listening skills along with general vocab and grammar acquisition. By separating these categories the teacher, the parent and the student can understand where their strengths and weaknesses may be as a foreign language student.  

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