I have been teaching art since 1998 and spend the majority of my day sharing my love for visual art with 6-8th grade students. I also teach an art class at the high school the last hour of each day.

We live in a world of VISUAL COMMUNICATION, and I feel my role as an art educator is to help prepare students to not only learn ways to communicate without words, but also to interpret what is seen and explain what they see.

I believe in challenging students to problem-solve and go beyond expectations. Mediocrity is not something we should allow ourselves to embrace; because of this philosophy, I ALWAYS push students to go beyond what they think they are capable of.  Students should interpret this approach of mine as a compliment to them, because I as their teacher have great belief their potential success.

My goal as an art bring out the best in every student...who has an inner artist ready to share an experience. :)
Daily Schedule

 HOUR and/or TIME
 1st/2nd HR

 8th Gr. Exploring Art Styles/Movements

 3rd/4th HR


 7th GrUnderstanding Design Theory

6th GrExploring Arts From Cultures                      Throughout the World and History

 1:55 - 2:37 H.S.     Foundations of Art & Design
2:40-3:15Target Time at MS OR