After ensuring that your photo meets the requirements, submit your Senior Photo HERE.

It is not required to have a professional take your senior portrait. At the beginning of the school year, Dorian Studio takes student photos year that can be used in our yearbook. You are required to have your photo taken by this school photographer. If you do not submit a photo, or your submitted photo does not meet the outlined specifications below, we will use the photo that Dorian Studio provides.

The deadline for this year's photo is:  November 30, 2018

Time left to submit senior portraits:

Senior Yearbook Photo Requirements

Senior photos submitted to the yearbook must be:
  • Head shot only. No props, hats, hoods, or pets in photo
  • Absolutely No hand gestures
  • Must be in color
  • Must Meet Minimum size requirements:

  • Do not cut the head/hairline at the top of the photo
  • Do not resize (or "blow up") a low-resolution image to meet the minimum size requirements. Pixelated images will be rejected.
  • Outdoor backgrounds can be used, but are not suggested unless photographed by a professional photographer.
  • Only head and shoulders will be in the yearbook photo (some Cropping may occur)
  • There should be no special filters or graphics added to the photograph.
  • There should be no props in the photograph.
  • Avoid putting hands near the face (no leaning on fist, hand in hair, etc.). Acceptability of hands in photographs will be evaluated on a per-photo basis.
  • If hands are near the face; there should be no hand gestures. Photos with hand gestures will be rejected.
  • The CHS Yearbook reserves the right to refuse any photograph.
Digital File Format
  • RENAMED: [Last]_[First].jpg
    • Example: Papermaker_Joe.jpg
  • width 675 px (minimum)
  • height 900 px (minimum)
  • file format type JPEG or JPG

NOTE: DO NOT save photos into Word, Works, Photoshop, tiff, gif, or PDF, file formats. We will be unable to receive them.

Submission Process

  1. E-mail your photo to
  2. You will receive a confirmation e-mail that the CHS yearbook team has your photograph
  3. The CHS Yearbook Staff will review your photo to make sure it fits the above requirements.
  4. If your photo has been accepted, you will not receive any further communication (95% of all submitted photos). 
    1. We check photos, at minimum, once per week. If you have not received any communication within one week of the confirmation e-mail, it is likely your photo was approved.
    2. If you want a confirmation e-mail that your photo has been approved, please wait 3-4 weeks, then send another e-mail asking for a confirmation.
    3. If you did not recieve a confirmation e-mail it means we DID NOT receive your picture. Please resubmit or attempt to e-mail the yearbook adviser.
  5. IF YOUR PHOTO IS REJECTED: you will receive an e-mail that will state the reason for rejection.
  6. After selecting a new photograph that meets the requirements, e-mail the new photograph. 
    1. Please do so in a timely manner; within one week of receipt of a rejection e-mail. 
    2. Our printing deadlines are tight, but we have built in a short delay after the photograph due date to allow for editing and resubmissions. 
    3. Photos waiting for resubmission received a placeholder in our software, and take precedence over late submissions.
    4. Resubmissions submitted within 2 weeks of the due date will be in the final print of the book. Late submissions have a small chance of being in the final print of the book, but with no placeholder, there is no guarantee.


CHS Yearbook staff reserves the right to reject photos for not meeting the above yearbook photo requirements. If your photo is rejected, it is your responsibility to resubmit a photo that meets the requirements. By e-mailing us your yearbook photo, you agree to these terms.