Tournament Brackets

Volleyball:  TBA
Basketball: We are expecting everyone back (call if you are not coming back) so look to see where you are and let me know if it's okay.  Final spots will not be announced till later.

Competitive: Make it Drizzle, Congressmen, Youth No More, Birdmen.  
      Double Elimination format (last game if necessary with reduced time)
Rec Basketball:  Wii Not Fit, Hilltoppers, Eating Leftovers, No Blood No Foul, Erickons, Top Heavy, Benchwarmers, NEED ONE MORE
      Dual track format (two games guaranteed) Winners of first games go to games for 3rd/4th and 1st/2nd; losers go for games for 7th/8th, 5th/6th

Basketball Brackets