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Council Role

Calstock Parish Council is a statutory body and is the first tier of Local Government.

The Council has some responsibilities for local footpaths, local playing fields, local burial grounds, bus shelters, Parish lands, and allotments. The Council has separate Committees to which it delegates various functions.

It raises money for its activities through a local tax (the "precept") paid by the residents within the Parish.

Calstock has eighteen unpaid Parish Councillors who represent five wards within Calstock Parish, Calstock, Chilsworthy, Delaware, Gunnislake and Harrowbarrow.

To assist in its work the Council in 2005 developed a Parish Plan which is currently being reviewed.

The Council also makes small grants to assist local projects, application forms are available for both capital and revenue.

The Council employs a Parish Clerk who is its principal executive and adviser, and is also responsible for maintaining financial processes and records.

The Parish Council maintenance person works full time carrying out grass cutting and general maintenance duties in the cemeteries, recreation grounds and other areas for which the council has responsibility. The Council uses contractors to cut the larger grassed areas.