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Gorsedh Kernow

posted 5 Mar 2018, 02:16 by Calstock Parish Council

Oll ker - Dear all


Gorsedh Kernow is one of Cornwall’s most respected and long standing cultural organisations and we work hard to maintain and promote real Cornish culture. We are pleased to note that Cornwall’s nineteen community networks are well established as an important way to connect with communities and help address important local issues which includes working together to promote the well being of local areas and bringing communities together.


Gorsedh Kernow recognises the importance of well being and community cohesion and in certain circumstances we would equate such a state with identity and a deep sense of belonging, supported by our unique culture.  We are keen to promote real Cornish culture in as many ways as possible and one of our most accessible routes is through our annual open Awards and Competitions scheme which actively encourages people of all ages and abilities to submit entries and nominations demonstrating the very best of our precious culture. Our recently relaunched ‘Adults’ and separate ‘Young People’s’ (under 18) schemes offer a very flexible system which enables Gorsedh Kernow to recognise and celebrate a much greater range of Cornish cultural activity alongside the more traditional arts and literary entries. It has also opened the doors to new media technologies.


Entry is free and there is no restriction on who may submit an entry. Please feel free to circulate this information to anyone you feel may be interested. Enquiries about the scheme may be sent toenquiries@gorsedhkernow.org.uk and full details about the categories and how to submit entries are shown on the Gorsedh Kernow website via the link http://gorsedhkernow.org.uk/AwardsInfo/index.html


We hope you will be able to circulate this information through your Community Network contacts.


Meur ras ha gans gorhemynadow an gwella – many thanks and with best wishes




Delia Brotherton

Myrghwyn Melynor
Hon Secretary