Caledonia High School Student Council Application

2018-2019 Caledonia High School
Student Council Application

Thank you for your interest in applying for CHS's 2018-2019 Student Council.  Please follow the steps below to ensure that your application is complete, to give you the best chance of earning your way into class.  Incomplete or incorrect submissions will not be considered; if you turn in multiple applications, only the LAST one submitted will be counted.  Also- please understand that the Student Council application process is very competitive; last year, over 200 students applied for only 80 spots.  

**Important Note: Due to the difficulty of scheduling classes, there is a chance that a class you choose to sign up for will block you from being in Leadership Class for next year.  Until the schedule is complete for next year, we cannot tell you which classes will overlap.  This has affected membership in previous years; we cannot avoid this issue at this time. 

1. Print, read, and sign the "Student Council Code of Conduct," found here.  Your application will be  thrown out if this form is not completed correctly.  I take this Code of Conduct very seriously; do not sign it if you cannot live up to the standards it requires.

2. Print, read, and sign the "Contract for Student Council Members," found here; also, have your parent/guardian read and sign this document, as well.  This clearly communicates the job description and tremendous expectations required of all Student Council members.

3.  Print the "Teacher Evaluation Signature Form," found here.  When you request a teacher evaluation, have each teacher print and sign this document, so I can track down late or missing evaluation forms for you, in case one of your teachers forgets to submit on your behalf.

4. When all of the above documents are completely filled out, drop them in an envelope and return them to Mr. Remenap (if you are at Duncan Lake, Mrs. Alexander will take them for you; if you are at Kraft Meadows, give them to Mrs. Maas!).  
                If you wish to send them through the regular mail, feel free to do so:  
                                    Caledonia High School 
                                    c/o Mr. Kevin Remenap
                                    9050 Kraft Ave.
                                    Caledonia, MI 49316

5. Print 5 (five) copies of the "Teacher Evaluation Request" form, found here.  Sign your name and add each teacher's name in the appropriate location on the document, and deliver one copy to each of the teachers you request an evaluation from.  

6. Complete the Online Student Application Form.  This form, along with the documents you send in, will act as your tally for Student Council class.  All sections must be completed for your application to count.  It may be to your benefit to preview this document before beginning, as this form cannot be saved without submitting the entire document.  It is recommended that you type your responses in a document, then copy them into the appropriate box, so you can save and edit as needed.  Please remember that there are some classes that overlap with Student Council, and that this may affect your ability to be in Student Council class.

7. If you cannot fill out this application online, please contact Mr. Remenap, via email, at: for assistance.

The deadline date for the online application is Friday, February 9th, 2018 at 3pm.  
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