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Baptismal Study Materials

These study guides (see attachments below) are designed to be used with A Reason To Believe:  What Being an Adventist is All About.(Published by Review and Herald Publishing Association, and edited by Chris Blake).  These materials are not official study guides approved or published by the Review and Herald Publishing Association, nor are they the product of any of the authors represented in A Reason to Believe)

Suggestions on how to use this material:

1.    Students should be encouraged to read the chapters in A Reason To Believe, one chapter per session.

2.    After reading the chapter, they should start by completing the study guide(s) that corresponds to the chapter they just read.  There are two study guides for each chapter.
  • The first guide in each section (eg. Study Guide 1 Reason to Believe (Divinity)) focuses on the Biblical/Theological content.
  • The second guide in each section (eg. Study Guide 1-A Reason to Believe (Awareness of God)) explores ways to apply the content. (and includes spiritual exercises at the end of the study guide for students to try out).
3.   You can go about this a couple of different ways.  Each student can complete the study guides on their own in-between sessions, or you can do them together as a group during the time when the class meets (or a combination of both)  In either case, they are designed to expand on the reading done in A Reason to Believe.

4.    In addition to the Study Guides, there are "spiritual practice" assignments that can be used in connection with the lessons.  They are also numbered to correspond to each of the chapters in A Reason to Believe and the Study Guides.  In addition to the spiritual exercise suggestions that come at the end of each of  the study guides,  these are designed to help students engage the patterns of living (or Christian Practices) that correspond to the content studied in each lesson.  These additional assignments invite students to reflect on scripture, ask questions, journal, and begin to engage the patterns of living that give the Christian life its sense of genuineness and authenticity. 

Because it seems to be increasingly rare for Jr High/High School students to spend un-rushed time on their own with the study guides on their own, my personal recommendation is that the study guides be done together as a group, and that the spiritual exercises at the end of the second study guide for each chapter, and the spiritual practices assignments be done as "homework" (Along with reading the appropriate chapter in the book) during the time in-between sessions.  I think the exercises and practice assignments are significant, because thinking about, developing and living out the patterns of life that come from following Jesus are every bit as important as simply learning theological content. If I had to chose, I would rather the students did this between the class sessions than just filling out the study guides.  A great time to debrief the spiritual practice sheets with the students in the baptismal class is at the beginning of each new session.

5.    The materials are presented below in PDF file format.  Please honor the limitations of copyright when using the material.  At this time, you may make copies for ministry purposes for students who wish to study this material and for your own files.  However, these may not be reproduced, re-sold, or included in any form in material for sale without the express permission of the author.  You are welcome to use them in ministry.

I hope you find these useful in some way.  Comments or feedback is welcome.  kcurtis@calimesasda.com
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