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As this site continues to grow, I hope to make a number of different resources available  with the hope that they might in some way be useful to others in ministry.   This is stuff that has worked for me, it may or may not be helpful to you.  You are free to use as little or as much as you like for ministry purposes, however, these may not be reproduced, re-sold, or included in any form in material for sale without the express permission of the author.  Thanks, and enjoy what you find useful.

One of the things that I found challenging during the 30 years or so that I was involved in youth ministry, was finding baptismal materials that I was completely happy with.  At various points along the way I found myself modifying some and/or working on developing my own.  In more recent years, I came across A Reason to Believe:  What Being an Adventist is All About, and while I liked the format and approach, I wanted to do a little more with it.  So, what you will find here are two things. 
  • The first is a set of companion study guides to go along with A Reason to Believe that I have developed and used and which have been helpful to me. 
  • Second, are some Spiritual Practice assignments which attempt to intentionally tie the core patterns (spiritual practices) of living the Christian life to the way we describe the content of what we believe (doctrine).  There is much more to be said about the significance of this, and these resources are still very much a work in progress.  They are however, some first steps toward that goal, and you might find them helpful.  (Click on the "Baptismal Preparation Study Materials" link above to access the materials)

These study guides, originally written for our women's ministry in the late 1990's, were designed to be a reflective/devotional approach to the Book of Revelation.  You may access and download them for personal use by clicking on the link above.

A collection of short videos that I have found to be helpful

I hope you find these useful in some way.  Comments or feedback is welcome.  kcurtis@calimesasda.com

Ken Curtis,
Mar 4, 2009, 9:03 AM