Friday May 3, 2013

TODAY’S MENU: Line 1: Pizza. Line 2: Deli sandwich. All lines include the Healthy Choice and condiment bar to go with your lunch, as well as ice cold milk!

            Remember that there will be NO charging lunches any more this year. Students who do not have funds on their account will receive a sack lunch.

            TODAY IS SCHOOL LUNCH SUPER HERO DAY!! Make sure you show your appreciation for all of our school lunchroom staff. Thank them for doing such an awesome job of feeding you every day. They are such a fun and selfless bunch and we want to make sure they know we appreciate them EVERY day!!


STUDENT BALANCES: Don’t forget to pay any outstanding balances you owe to the office. You will not be attending the year-end activities if you owe a balance. No charging, no checks – for the remainder of the year.

Also please note: If you have not paid for any athletic fees, including your ASB, and it is charged to your account, you will NOT be eligible to play sports next year until this is paid. You may also be excluded from charging in the future.

ALL outstanding balances will carry-over to next year and you may have to start the year with a negative balance. Please make arrangements/payments and get these cleared up TODAY!!



ORCHESTRA – Festival is TODAY! Teachers, please excuse 7th grade orchestra students to load the buses at 9:40 am. Please excuse 6th and 8th grade orchestra students to eat lunch at 11:20am -- The cafeteria will be expecting them. 6th and 8th grade orchestra students will be loading buses at 11:30am so they need to eat quick! 

BAND – Band students will also be attending Festival today. Do your best and make Syringa proud!



6th and 7th Grade Football Players: Syringa and Jefferson Middle Schools will host their annual spring football camp. This camp will be held on Monday May 13th through Wednesday May 15th. The camp will take place directly after school, and all campers will be allowed to ride the activity bus home.  The charge for the camp is only $20 and must be paid at the front desk... If you are interested in camp, we will have more information with flyers available at lunch. -


PANTHER CONCEPT/WORD OF THE WEEK: Today’s word is from SCIENCE: Hypothesis – a prediction for what will happen in an experiment based on prior knowledge; follows an if, then, because format. It contains both the independent and dependent variables of the experiment.

Example #1: If I add more sugar to bread THEN it will rise higher BECAUSE sugar is what makes the yeast push the bread up!

Example #2: If a plant receives fertilizer, then it will grow to be bigger than a plant that does not receive fertilizer because fertilizer has a lot of nutrients in it.


YEARBOOK: Yearbooks are now $26.50 to purchase. There are still some available, so don’t wait too long to get yours paid for. Remember, no more checks will be taken, so bring your money and get your yearbook reserved.



READING BINGO: There are so many students working hard on their Reading Bingo forms that the library is extending the activity so even more students can win! Now, the last date for Reading Bingo prizes is May 10th! If you get a black-out with all of the squares marked off, you will receive a free book – while supplies last!

FINES/OVERDUES: Do you want to be with your friends next Friday at the Talent Show? Then, return your late book, pay for that lost book, and pay your library fines. The ten students with the highest charges for lost or late books will work in the library while the other students are at the Talent Show. Take care of your responsibility NOW!


Happy Birthday to Mr. Joseph!! Another amazing person on our staff who works hard behind the scenes. If you see him today, tell him how awesome he is!


Today is also DAY OF THE TEACHER: Remember to tell your teachers how amazing they are today!!

Staff: Check in the teacher’s lounge later today. The lunchroom will have their special treats for you!