Math @ Home

I Love Math
As parents, you can help your student love math by: 
  • fostering a positive attitude toward math
  • recognizing math in the everyday world 
  • encouraging him to be a problem solver and to explain his reasoning when solving problems
  • helping her communicate mathematically using words, pictures, and symbols
  • promote logical thinking by comparing attributes to explain similarities and differences and by thinking about relationships between things
An excellent resource especially for parents, Helping Your Child Learn Math, is available from the US Department of Education at the website  or in pdf for download or printing.

Vocabulary used in Elementary Math

                1st Grade               2nd Grade               3rd Grade               4th & 5th Grade

Caldwell Mathematical Thinking Strategies Videos for parents

The teachers at Caldwell's Elementary Schools are building a library of short, informational videos which explain many of the strategies that they use in the classroom. These videos are designed to explain the strategies to parents so they can feel confident in using the same strategies when working with their students at home. Students will benefit from the consistent teaching as both parents and teachers reinforce the concepts and strategies in the same way.

CMTS Video Library