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Vanessa Cisneros

Students Feelings about Finals


Lots of students feel pressured, depressed and even stressed out just thinking about the finals. Freshmen that have never taken a form of finals might be really scared. Here is what some students have to say about the finals, but we aren’t giving their names. We just interviewed two students from each grade.

  1. Freshmen “I feel nervous about the finals.”
  2. Freshmen “I feel scared and I think the finals are a waste of time.”
  3. Sophomore “I am nervous and I might stress out.”
  4. Sophomore “I’m nervous about finals but I have to do my best.”
  5. Junior “I think I’ll do okay on the finals they seem easy except for biology.”
  6. Junior “I’m nervous but I have to do my best.”
  7. Senior “I think I will do okay on my finals.”
  8. Senior “I’m scared that I might flunk my finals.”


Every student in Caldwell High School is pretty nervous about finals. Good luck for each student and try your best on passing the finals.



The Idaho State Board of Education Student Affairs office would like to notify current high school seniors that the window to complete online scholarship applications will close on January 16, 2012“It’s imperative that students do their work now in order to be eligible for funds later,” said Dana Kelly, Program Manager for the Idaho State Board of Education. “Especially in these lean economic times, students and their families need all the help they can get. This is the first step.”


High school seniors need to log on to the Board’s web site at and follow the links provided. The deadline for completion of the online application is January 16, 2012.  Governor’s Cup Scholarship applications must printed and mailed, along with all supplemental  materials required, to the Office of the State Board of Education - postmarked by January 20, 2012.


The State of Idaho, through the Office of the State Board of Education, provides an online application to high school seniors for the following scholarship opportunities including:


·       Governor’s Cup Scholarship Academic

·       Governor’s Cup Scholarship Professional-Technical

·       Robert R. Lee Promise A Academic

·       Robert R. Lee Promise A Professional-Technical

·       Idaho GEAR UP Scholarship

·       Tschudy Family Scholarship (Emmett High School graduates only)


To learn more about each scholarship, including eligibility requirements and deadlines, please visit the Board’s website at  You may contact either Dana Kelly at 208.332.1574, or Caryl Smith at 208.332.1576, if you need further assistance.


Lori Torres,
Oct 18, 2011, 8:51 AM