Honors English Summer Reading Information

The summer assignment has many purposes and values:

1.  Coming to class having read the same text allows students to begin with a common focus, and it allows the class to begin deep instruction on the first day of class.  It’s like getting a two-week head start on school.

2.  This common reference point is used throughout the first few weeks to enhance the practice of active reading and teaching of deep text analysis.

3.  The assignment rekindles the higher thought processes that we will begin using in earnest on the first day of class.

4.  It provides students the opportunity to practice and demonstrate independent working strategies which will be necessary for college and career success.

5.  The project adds more award-winning and critically-acclaimed books to the students’ high school reading list, which is essential in preparing for the open question on the AP Literature Test. 

6.  The project prepares students for college experiences, now that many universities assign a common book to incoming freshmen.

General Summer Reading Information

Each Honors English student in English I - English IV will complete a summer reading assignment.  Lists of specific books have been chosen for each course.  These books may be checked out from the WCHS Media Center or the Caldwell County public library, purchased from any book retailer, or ordered from an online source.  Along with reading the selected works, students will interact with the text during reading by completing a reading journal following the instructions provided.  All assignments are due within the first two days of the fall semester.  This is true for students enrolled in Honors English classes in the fall AND in the spring.  In addition to the summer assignments, students will have activities and additional instruction about their books when they enter their Honors English classes, so it is very important that the reading and the assignments are thoughtfully completed.

If you have your Honors English course in the fall semester, submit your summer reading assignment to your English teacher.

If your Honors English course is in the spring semester, turn in your assignment to the teacher listed on your official spring schedule.

Assignments are due for all Honors English students during the first two days of the fall semester.

Instructions are available by clicking on the "2016-17 Summer Reading" link on the left side of this page.
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