Welcome to South Caldwell's Hall Pass 5K Run/Walk

There will be NO Hall Pass 5K this year (even though the date had been set).
It is with sadness that I make it official here that we NOT be holding the Hall Pass 5K this year (2018). The race is pretty demanding of my time and energy and this is a busy year in other areas of my life. Perhaps someone else will take over the race or maybe it will return next year.

Thanks to everyone for your support over the years either by running the race or sponsoring. For all the stress of putting on the race, I will attest that it was most definitely worth it come RACE DAY. Each and every year I would worry about the race only to find myself completely content watching all of you on race day. We've had runners young and old, 1st time runners to veterans, entire families, students and staff, even a couple of dogs. Overall, Hall Pass has had just a great community atmosphere; one that promotes great virtues like unity and fellowship. For that, I'm very thankful to have been a part.

Sincerely, Matt

Did you ever run in the halls at school?  Ever called down for going too fast by the lockers?  Never broke any rules at school because you were too good?  Well, this is your chance to do it all - guilt free.  That's right, this time you are allowed to break the rules, for real.
Call it what you want:  getting out your aggression from those adolescent years, getting back at those teachers for yelling at you, desiring to be cool in school again - whatever it is, come join the race.

Hall Pass Course

With the Hall Pass 5K, part of the race involves running through the halls of South Caldwell.  You will also run the parking lots and the baseball field, before finishing on the track at the stadium.
So, whether you are in school or out, old or young, able to run or just want to walk, made an A or an F, this race is for you. 
Your shirt is your hall pass.  Really, it will have an offical SCHS hall pass on it.
Hall Pass 5K

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