Grade Teacher   Blizzard Bag 1 Blizzard Bag 2 Blizzard Bag 3
 KMrs.Croucher,Mrs.Smith,Mrs.Stalder,Mrs.Stephens Kindergarten Kindergarten Kindergarten
 KMr. Gruver Music Music Music
 K-2Ms. Kelley Differentiated Instruction Differentiated Instruction Differentiated Instruction
 K-2Mrs. Norman  Blizzard Bag 1 Blizzard Bag 2 Blizzard Bag 3
 K-2Ms. Hannon Art Art Art
 K-8Mr. Perkins Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education
 K-8Mr. Secrest Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education
 1Ms.Anderson,Ms.Biggs,Mrs.Pangle,Mrs.Rucker First Grade First Grade First Grade
 1Mrs. Bunner General Music Music Music
 2Mrs.Cordray,Mrs.Furr,Mrs.Mincks,Mrs.Powers Second Grade Second Grade Second Grade
 2Mr. Gruver  General Music General Music General Music
 3Mrs.Kress,Mrs.Lori,Mrs.Briggs Read for 15 minutes & complete:
 Part 1          Part 2          Part 3
 Read for 15 minutes & complete:
 Part 1          Part 2          Part 3
 Read for 15 minutes & complete:
 Part 1          Part 2          Part 3
 3Mr. Gruver  Music Music Music
 3Mrs. West Third Grade Third Grade Third Grade
 3-5Mrs. Copley Blizzard Bag 1 Blizzard Bag 2 Blizzard Bag 3
 3-5Ms. Hannon Art Art Art
 4Mrs. Bunner Music Music Music
 4Mrs. West     Fourth Grade Fourth Grade Fourth Grade
 4Mr. Gruver  General Music General Music General Music
 4Mrs. Robison     Reading Reading Reading
 4Mr. Wheeldin  Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies
 4Mr. Winland & Mr. Wheeldin Math Math Math
 4Mr. Winland Science Science Science
 4-5Mrs. Yontz  Science Science Science
 4-5Mrs. Yontz Reading Reading Reading
 5Mrs. Bunner Music Music Music
 5Mrs. Rohal Math  Math Math
 5Mrs. Smith (Niswonger) Fifth Grade Fifth Grade Fifth Grade
 5Mr. Stiver & Mr. Wheeldin Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies
 5Mr. Svercek  ELA ELA ELA
 5Mr. Svercek  Reading Reading Reading
 5Mr. Winland Math Math Math
 5Ms. Watson Science Science Science
 5-6Mr. Gruver  Band - Bass Clef Readers Only Band - Bass Clef Readers Only Band
 5-6Mr. Gruver  Band - Treble Clef Readers Only Band - Treble Clef Readers Only Band
 5-6Mrs. West Language ArtsMathReading Language ArtsMathReading Language ArtsMathReading
 6Mrs. Bunner Music Music Music
 6Mrs. Depuy  Reading/Language Arts  Reading/Language Arts Reading/Language Arts
 6Mrs. Rohal Math Math Math
 6Mrs. Smith (Niswonger) Sixth Grade Sixth Grade Sixth Grade
 6Ms. Watson Science Science Science
 6Mr. Stiver  Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies
 6-8Ms. Hannon Art Art Art
 7Mr. Erb  Math Part A & Math Part B Math Part A & Math Part B Math Part A & Math Part B
 7Mrs. Klinger  Reading/LA & Short Story Reading/LA & Short Story Reading/LA
 7Mrs. Miller  World History World History World History
 7Mrs. Secrest  Science Science Science
 7-8Mrs. Bunner Choir Choir Choir
 7-8    Mr. Gruver  Band Band Band
 7-8Ms. Hannon  Art Art Art
 7-8Mr. Robison  Math Math Math
 7-8Mr. Robison Language Arts/Reading Language Arts/Reading Language Arts/Reading
 8Mr. Erb  Math Part A & Math Part B Math Part A & Math Part B Math Part A & Math Part B
 8Mrs. Hearing Language Arts Language Arts Language Arts
 8Mrs. Miller  American History American History American History
 8Mr. Perkins Health Health Health
 8Mrs. Secrest  Science Science Science
 9-12Mrs. Blackstone CP English 11 CP English 11 CP English 11
 9-12Mrs. Blackstone CP English 9 CP English 9 CP English 9
 9-12Mrs. Blackstone English 9 English 9 English 9
 9-12Mrs. Bunner  Choir Choir Choir
 9-12Mr. Crane  American History American History American History
 9-12Mr. Crane Current Events Current Events Current Events
 9-12Mr. Crane  Democracy Democracy Democracy
 9-12   Mr. Crum  Art I Art I Art I
 9-12Mr. Crum Art II Art II Art II
 9-12Mr. Crum Art III-IV Art III-IV Art III-IV
 9-12Mr. Crum Art History Art History Art History
 9-12Mr. Crum Digital Media Digital Media Digital Media
 9-12Mrs. Fry Anatomy Anatomy Anatomy
 9-12Mrs. Fry Biology  Biology Biology
 9-12Mrs. Fry Zoology Zoology Zoology
 9-12Ms. Gibeaut Algebra 1 & Bridge Algebra 1 & Bridge Algebra 1 & Bridge
 9-12Ms. Gibeaut Algebra 2 Algebra 2 Algebra 2
 9-12Mr. Gruver     Band Band Band
 9-12Mrs. LaFollette  Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education 
 9-12Mrs. Meredith  English II English II English II
 9-12Mrs. Meredith  English IV English IV & Attachment English IV
 9-12Mrs. Meredith Principles of Reasoning Principles of Reasoning Principles of Reasoning
 9-12Mr. Milone  Biology Biology Biology
 9-12Mr. Milone  English English1   English2   English3 English & PowerPoint
 9-12Mr. Milone Game of ThronesGame of Thrones
Maester's Book
Game of Thrones
 Maester's Book
 9-12Mr. Milone Geometry Geometry Geometry
 9-12Mr. Milone  Math Math Math
 9-12Mr. Milone  Science Science Science
 9-12Mr. Milone World History World History World History
 9-12Ms. Nau Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry
 9-12Ms. Nau Physics Physics Physics
 9-12Ms. Nau Physical Science Physical Science Physical Science
 9-12Mr. Huck CAD I CAD I CAD I
 9-12Mrs. Singleton World History World History World History
 9-12Mrs. Singleton Economics Economics Economics
 9-12Mr. Snyder AFNR/Animal and Plant Science AFNR/Animal and Plant Science AFNR/Animal and Plant Science
 9-12Mr. Snyder Business Management Business Management Business Management
 9-12Mr. Snyder Mechanical Principles Mechanical Principles Mechanical Principles
 9-12Mr. Swigert Advanced Math & Worksheet Advanced Math & Worksheet Advanced Math
 9-12Mr. Swigert Calculus Calculus Calculus
 9-12Mr. Swigert  Geometry & Presentation Geometry & Presentation Geometry & Presentation
 9-12Mr. Swigert Real World Math Real World Math Real World Math
 9-12Mr. Williams French I French I French I
 9-12   Mr. Williams French II French II French II