Databases - Electronic

Online periodical indexes are available at

To login to any licensed database when you are off campus, use your CalArts ID barcode number.

Design & Applied Arts Index Online    1973-current                  Citations & abstracts

All areas of design & craft, including fashion design, graphic design, photography, theater design, animation & computer graphics.

ARTbibliographies Modern                  1974-current                  Citations & abstracts     

Art Full Text                                              1984-current                  Citations 1984-, abstracts 1994 & full text 1997-

Art Index Retrospective                         1929-1984                     Citations          
ProQuest                                                    1980s - present             Citations, abstracts & full text
Project Muse                               1995 – present               Full text

Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers (print and electronic)

You can use this portal to locate all instantiations of a periodical that the library has available.  You can find out which volumes we have in Periodicals, as well as connect online directly from the subscription, or through an online periodical index.

Interlibrary Loan Journal Articles

You may need to request an interlibrary loan for an article from a periodical that the library does not own.  Ask a librarian for help.  Lead times can vary…the average is about 2 weeks. 

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