Search Strategies

Searching Google: Domain searching

Search: politics art site:edu > will return results from educational websites - i.e.;;; etc.

    You can indicate any domain > site:gov (government); site:org (non-profit), etc.

Search: politics art filetype:pdf > will return only PDFs in your results
    You can indicate any type of file

More Google search operators available here

Boolean Searching: AND, OR, NOT

AND - narrows your search: politics AND art > retrieves documents that include politics AND art; both terms in a documents for it to be retrieved.

OR - expands your search: politics OR government > retrieves documents that include EITHER politics OR government.  Either term can appear in a document for it to be retrieved.  Use OR when you are using synonyms in your search terms.

NOT - narrows your search (politics AND art AND california) NOT baja > will leave out documents that include references to Baja California

Truncation: Finds variant word endings
politic* > Retrieves: politics, politician, political
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