Below are some suggested search terms to use for searching the CalArts Library Catalog - for more detailed information on grant-seeking, please go to the Finding Grants Website.

Proposal writing for grants

Online Sites for Grants

California Arts Council - Grant Finder

Center for Cultural Innovation/Los Angeles
Promotes knowledge sharing, networking and financial independence for individual artists and creative entrepreneurs by providing business training, grants and loans, and incubating innovative projects that create new program knowledge, tools and practices for artists in the field. CCI provides entrepreneurial training for individual artists working in all disciplines in order to enhance their business knowledge and career prospects as working artists. CCI's signature training program - the "Business of Art" - has been presented to artists in Los Angeles and throughout California since 2002.

Los Angeles County Arts Commission – Grants, Internships and Professional Development
The Commission fosters excellence, diversity, vitality, understanding and accessibility of the arts in Los Angeles County. The Commission provides leadership in cultural services for the County, including information and resources for the community, artists, educators, arts organizations and municipalities. There are over 2,800 arts organizations and 150,000 working artists in the County of Los Angeles, creating the largest concentration of arts activity in the United States.

Pamela's GrantWriting Blog
Billed as "the ultimate nonprofit newbie resource," this blog provides information and ideas on all aspects of fundraising.

Includes job postings, art exhibit submission announcements, and more