Finding Articles

Finding articles with a known citation:

1) Search the Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers list by the title of the periodical on the CalArts Library Website to find out if we subscribe to the journal. (See the attached handout: Finding articles w citation.pdf)

2) If we do subscribe to the periodical you are searching for, then you will look to see if you have access to the volume and issue you are searching for.

3) If we do not subscribe to the periodical then you will need to search Libraries Worldwide on WorldCat to request through Inter Library Loan.  

Finding articles through the databases:

If you would like to search for articles on a particular subject, go to the Databases area of the CalArts Library website. You may browse the databases by database title or by subject area.  

Suggested Databases:


 What information you will find

ProQuest Research Library  

Scholarly, popular and trade (including reviews) articles. Subject coverage: multi-discipline


 Images - high resolution images of many works of art.  Includes images of paintings, architectural details, decorative arts, photographs, sculpture, etc. Subject coverage: multi-discipline with a strong emphasis on the Humanities and Social Sciences

Art Full Text

 Scholarly, popular, and trade (including reviews) articles.  Full text and abstracts. 

Humanities Full-Text 

 Scholarly, popular, and trade (including reviews) articles.  Some full text.  Subject coverage: Humanities (including the arts)

Project Muse Humanities

Scholarly sources in the Humanities and Social Sciences.  Some full text.

Brena Smith,
Sep 26, 2011, 2:30 PM