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Parent Involvement Policy

Calabash Charter Academy recognizes the importance of having parents involved in all aspects of the school in order to raise student achievement. Calabash Charter Academy will involve parents annually in reviewing and developing the parent policy and school single plan. The policy will be distributed to parents of participating students and made available to the community.

• Each school served under this part shall: convene monthly Governance Council (replaces School Site Council) meetings to which all parents of participating students shall be invited and encouraged to attend, offer a flexible number of meetings, involve parents in planning, review, and improvement, on an annual basis of the school parental involvement policy and single plan, provide parents of participating children with timely information, description and explanation of curriculum and academic assessments, explain proficiency levels students are expected to meet, and involve parents in decisions relating to the education of their children.
• In order to encourage greater parent participation at our Governance Council meetings, we will publicize all meetings as well as including specific agenda items to be discussed, in the school’s website, emails, and ConnectEd messages.
• Parents are encouraged to utilize the many resources available on topics such as Parents in Control, Behavior Management, Math and Literacy Workshops for Parents, Family Math and Science Nights, and possible interventions that apply to a variety of student needs.
• Calabash Charter Academy will facilitate the provisions of appropriate services available in the community to address issues related to student health including dental and vision care, as well as family counseling.

• Calabash Charter Academy will provide a high quality curriculum and instruction through the use of the Common Core Standards.
• Teachers notify parents of weekly tests, quizzes, as well as math and reading assessments in a timely and relevant fashion.
• Progress reports are sent home full six-weeks or more in advance of report cards being sent home to parents in order for parents, teachers, and students to create a plan for improvement.
• Calabash Charter Academy will provide a supportive, effective learning environment through small group instruction, parent volunteers, and after-school intervention (Tutor Tuesdays).
• Parents will be encouraged to monitor their child’s attendance and homework completion.
• Students will be responsible for their own academic success by completing homework, studying for assessments and conferencing with teachers.
• Calabash Charter Academy will address the importance of communication between teachers, parents, and students through the use of weekly emails/ConnectEd phone messages, school marquee, and the school’s website.
• Calabash Charter Academy will hold parent-teacher conferences as needed or by parental request.
• Calabash Charter Academy will provide parents reasonable access to staff, volunteer opportunities, and classroom observations.

• Parents receive information regarding the Smarter Balanced Assessments and Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) scores on the school’s website, emails, as well as various parent meetings such as Governance Council and PTA.
• Parent workshops will be provided in the areas of Math and Language Arts. Parents are informed of the many ways they can help their children at home with such skills as fluency and vocabulary development in the areas of language arts. In math, teachers will demonstrate several games that parents could “Make and Take” to use with their children to improve their math skills.
• Parental input will be encouraged as to the best manner in which to facilitate communication between home and school. Currently, Calabash Charter Academy utilizes emails, ConnectEd messages, school marquee, PTA newsletter, website, and Thursday packets from the PTA to convey information.
• The school website will provide parents with resources for accessing Common Core Standards as well as the District’s Ongoing Periodic Assessments for each grade level and in each curricular area.

• Calabash Charter Academy will provide opportunities for participation by parents with limited English proficiency, parents with disabilities, parents of traveling students and migratory parents.
• Calabash Charter Academy will provide information and school reports in a format and in a language parents understand.
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