Athletic Booster Basketball Tournament

2018 Calamus Wheatland Athletic Booster
Basketball Tournament
Sat Nov 17 th 2018 Boys 4-8 th Grade
Sun Nov 18th 2018 Girls 4-8 th Grade
CW Activity Center @ CW High School Wheatland
CW High School Gym @ Wheatland
CW Elementary Gym @ Calamus

1. IHSAA and IGHSAU rules will govern unless modified by these rules.
2. The Calamus Wheatland School, workers, or school district will NOT be responsible for injuries, accidents,
stolen or broken items.
3. There will be two time-outs per game. Each team will have one timeout per overtime.
4. Overtimes will be a one-minute period. Second overtime is sudden death, first team to score wins.
5. There will be no 3-point goals for 4-6 th grade, 7-8 th will be allowed.
6. Each team will have a 5-minute warm-up period and a 3-minute break at half-time. Time permitting.
7. TECHNICAL FOULS: All technical fouls will result in two points plus possession of the ball being awarded to the
other team. Coaches or players receiving a 2nd technical will result in removal from tournament
8. Each team should have different colored jerseys with numbers.
9. All players must submit a signed waiver of liability form before playing. NO WAIVER-NO PLAY!
10. Each team will provide one scorekeeper for each of their games.
11. Each game will be 2- 16 min half’s continuous clock with clock stopping last minute of the game. Unless 1 team leading by
15pts or more then the clock won’t stop.
12. Games may start 30min ahead, be ready to play.
13. Players may play up not down.
14. Medals awarded for 1st and 2nd place in each division. (10 medals)
Referee decisions are final!

Defense & Pressing Rules:
1.Zone defense will not be allowed for 4th-6th grades. These must play man to man!
7th &; 8th grades will be allowed to play any defense.
2. No pressing for 4 th grade.
3. 5-6th grades will allow pressing the last 2 minutes of the 2nd half of the game.

Free Throws
1. 1 & 1 shots will take place during 7th -9th team fouls of each half
2. 2 shots will be awarded after the 10th team foul.
3. No pressing if leading by 15 points or more.


A concession stand will be available
Please support our athletes as much as you can with your concession purchases.

No coolers please.
Questions: Matt Boeckmann