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Snow Sports & Klondike

Backcountry Snowshoeing Challenge:
High Adventure option for 2019 Klondike
This half-day session is available for older, experienced scouts who want to go snowshoeing and work on the Snow Sports Merit Badge. These scouts will also serve as Klondike staff for half-day. It’s for scouts 14 and up, of at least a First-Class rank and who have previously attended a Klondike. 

We will do the event even if there is no snow. We'll hike the course and work on training for winter camping.  We'll do the teaching requirements for the Snow Sports MB, as much as we can.

Purpose: Experience snowshoeing in the backcountry and practice winter camping skills. 
(How do you snowshoe? How do you set up a tent/camp in deep snow? Join us to find out!)

Mission: Learn how to properly use snowshoes and go on a 3-4km winter hike with snowshoes. Set up a campsite in the snow and experience winter camping skills. Earn the Snow Sports Merit Badge.

Required Gear: Appropriate clothes including winter boots. Each participant must carry a pack with all of the 10 Scout Outdoor Essentials, including at least 1L water. Bring your mess kit/cooker to make hot chocolate. Each troop with participating scouts should bring one backpacking tent and one backpacking stove to practice setting up camp in the snow.
Snowshoes will be provided. 

Eligibility:  Scouts 14 and up, of at least a First-Class rank and who have previously attended a Klondike. (Exceptions possible with the recommendation of the Scoutmaster, and approval of the instructors.)

Snow Sports Merit Badge: Read the merit badge book ahead of time. Print out the pdf workbook from and bring it with you. 
Pre-requisites: Look up the information for requirements 1 to 5. It’s in the MB pamphlet. 
More details and instructional videos will be posted on Troop 610's website:

Signup: Indicate on the registration form which scouts would like to participate in this option. We need to know ahead of time. Depending on the number of scouts interested, we may run two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. 

Instructor: Scoutmaster Shew (T610) and others

Snowshoeing Instructional Videos:

Topographical Hiking Map 
Open the file in a separate window to print. Participants should bring the map to snowshoeing event.