Securitas/Shack (during shifts only):  323-404-4825
Emergency Captain:  323-404-4827
Ross Morgan After Hours Emergency:  818-907-6622  Ext: 811

Dear Residents,

The Board & Management want to remind you of the Emergency Response System at Cahuenga Hills.  The members of our team have a working knowledge of the Complex, know how to fix problems that arise, or know the professional contacts for doing so.  A team member should respond to your call in no less than thirty (30) minutes.  To compensate this person, there will be a charge either to you or to the Association for calls.  If the emergency is a common area problem the Association will take care of the cost.  If the call is regarding a personal / inside-the-unit problem, the homeowner will be billed.  This should discourage residents from calling at 3 AM because their toilet is dripping, etc.

The following is the emergency number.  Please be reasonable when calling the person on duty.  If there is no response please leave a message and within a few minutes someone will get back to you.  Also listed below are potential charges:


Our officers are on duty during posted shifts and can be called on the number posted above.  When not on duty a patrol drives into the property regularly.

Emergency Captain:   323-404-4827

If your emergency is not a "common area" emergency, but one involving your personal property or negligence, the having our standby emergency response person come to the Complex in the off hours may cost you $50 (minimum for 1st  hour--$25/hour thereafter)  +  cost of repair.  

 For repair of problems that are the homeowner’s responsibility payment must be made on site, or charges will appear on the monthly dues bill through Ross Morgan & Co.

If you have issues relating to the visit after work has been completed, please do not negotiate with the Emergency Response Person.  Contact the Office on the following day.

The Board of Directors

Letter updated November 26, 2020