Healthcare Information

Here is some information about your insurance that will begin on August 1st of the year you enter CAG.



Your TieCare insurance works via reimbursement.  Please take into account the following procedures:

            1. Pay for all medical treatment, prescribed drugs or medicines and tests.  CAG has an agreement with Hospital El Pilar, Herrera Llerandi y Centro Médico in order for you to get treatment in an emergency and CAG will pay the bill.  This will be an standing loan to the teacher and will be deducted of his-her stipend over a certain number of months, while he/she claims the bill to TieCare.  That way we are certain that the teacher will receive treatment and he/she will not have to worry about paying at that time.

2. All bills have to be made out to you. (Full name) (Bring Original Receipts)

            3. Keep all prescriptions,  tests results and vouchers of payments. (Original)

4. Go to:

5. Fill out a claim form and then submit it to the claim department via email.  You will receive an email response indicating a case number to follow up.

            6. You will receive your password and username from the company.

Kelly Seagraves,
Mar 28, 2012, 7:21 AM