Common Phrases

 General Information and Important Words to Know

Moving Around

I need a taxi                                necesito un taxi

To this address please                a esta direcion por favor

How much is it?                           cuanto es?

Do you have change?                 tienes cambio?

Please wait                                 por favor espere

Cultural differences

Is this local or national custom?    esto es una costumbre local o nacional?

I’m not used to this                        no estoy acostumbrado/a

I’ll try it                                           lo probare

This is different                              esto es diferente


At the restaurant- note that you must ask for a check at the end of a meal.  The waiter will allow you for as long as you desire.

I’d like the menu please                     quisiera el menu por favor

What would you recommend?           que me recomienda?

I’ll have what they are having             lo mismo de ellos

I’d like the local special                      quisiera un plato tipico

What’s in the dish?                             de que es ese plato?

Is service included in the bill?             la cuenta include la propina?

the check please                                 la cuenta por favor                                                                                                                 


Special diet and allergies

I’m on a special diet                            estoy en dieta especial

I’m vegetarian                                     soy vegeteriano/a

I’m allergic to                                      soy allergico/a

  dairy produce                                     los productos lacteos

  Eggs                                          huevos

  Fish                                           pescado

  Gluten                                        gluten

  MSG                                         glutamato monosodico

  nuts                                           nueces

  peanuts                                       mani

  seafood                                       mariscos


Symptoms and conditions

I’m sick                                    estoy enfermo/a

It hurts here                                duele aqui

I’ve been vomiting                         he estado vomitando

I’m dehydrated                             estoy deshidratado/a

I can’t sleep                                 no puedo dormir

 I feel:                                         me siento

Better                                         mejor

Nauseous                                  con nausea

Dizzy                                         mareado/a

Weak                                         debil

Worse                                         peor

Emergency Phrases

Help                                       ayuda

Stop                                       pare

Go away                                vayase

Thief                                      ladron

Fire                                        fuego

Watch out                              cuidado

Call the police                       llame a la policia

Call a doctor                         llame al doctor

It’s an emergency                 es un emergencia

To the hospital please           al hospital por favor


I’d like to buy                              quisiera comprar

I’m just looking                            solo estoy viendo

How much is this?                          cuanto cuesta?

Do you have change?                       tienes cambio?

Does it have a guarantee?                   tiene garantia?