Course Introduction

Course No. 



Lecture: Friday 9:10am to 11:10am 

Lab: 11:20am to 1:20pm 


CE Research Building (Room 401) and Visualization Lab (Room 604) 


Prof. Shih-Chung Kang (sckang-at-caece-dot-net)


Wei-Han Hung (magic-at-caece-dot-net)

庭輝 Lin (tomroy123-at-caece-dot-net)

Course Goal

The visualization technologies have been developed rapidly in the past decade. The applications of the new technologies have aslo spread In the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industries. Architectures use varied visual design tools to present the initial concepts as well as the details design. Engineers and construction managers now also heavily rely on visual technologies to simulate the construction processes and nowadays gradually extend to cope with maintenance issues. This course is designed for students to learn the latest applications of visualization technologies useful in AEC industries. They will also experience the development of multiple visualization software for engineering purposes. This course includes theories of computer graphics, creation of 3D scenarios, interactive user interface, collision detecting methods and motion planning methods. Multiple programming projects (based on Microsoft XNA) will be assigned to help students master the programming skills. In the end of the course, students need to develop a research-oriented project as the final project by using the technologies learned in this course.

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