Schedule Wendnesday : 9:10 - 12:10 
Location Room 323, Engineering Building  (工學院綜合大樓)
Instructor Shih-Chung Kang 康仕仲( sckang(a) ) Room 607, Civil Engineering Research Building
TA Pui-Fan Leong 梁佩芬( pfleong(a) ) Room 211, Civil Engineering Building

Course Description

The major goal of this course is to help students develop proficient skills so that they can communicate with other professions by using graphical languages. Students will learn the fundamental concepts of visualization technologies applied for engineering purposes, through lectures, readings, laboratory, discussions, and projects. They will learn to use various software tools to illustrate a new structure, machine, and system on a paper and/or a computer screen to communicate with other members involved in the design or construction processes. Topics will include the fundamental background in engineering graphics, such as 2D and 3D CAD system, multi-view projections, sectional views, design and construction drawings, perspective, structural drawing, topographic drawings, and welding representations. Five software tools, including Q-CAD, SketchUp, Unity 3D will be covered in this course.